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robbo82 | 01:15 Fri 13th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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At what age do/did you consider yourself grown up? I turned 24 yesterday (woo-hoo!) and think I am finally getting to the stage where I can consider myself as a fully fledged adult.


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NO. You may think that now but wait until you hit the 30,s!
still waiting to grow up
Im in my forties and I am still waiting haha. No really I would say in my 30s.
I still am 'present' at grown-up conversations eg work, finance, politics etc, and often expect my friends to say "go on Sunflower, off you go and play" ! Sometimes I just wish I could. I'm 38 next month.

At school plays etc, watching my kids I often sit and think, yep, I got there!
Im 27, always thought i'd feel like an adult at 18, that came and went, maybe 21 I thought, nope, to this day I still don't feel like an adult. I have definatly grown up, I have a house, a car, a career but still feel like im not there yet.
I even felt like that this morning walking to my car in the dark, in 27 and still scared of the dark!!
I didn't really feel grown up until the kids started coming along, at 23. That's when the clubbing stopped and had to ask myself many times; how would a proper parent behave in this situation?
I will be fully grown up when I eventually retire. Until then, I feel that life is a continues learning curve.
Im 34 with a child, been married, divorced, in a settled relationship and I still dont think Im grown up lol
I suffer from Peter Pan syndrome Robbo even tho I'm 27. It's especially bad when people talk mortgages, babies and marriage.... Arrrgh!!! Run away!!!!

Happy Birthday for yesterday xx
I'm 30 and still feel like a lost little 5 year old most of the time!
I am an adult I suppose. I hold down a sensible admin job, I've bought a house with my boyfriend. I can be responsible because I pay my bills and arrange 'grown up' things, like a mortgage.

But I don't see myself as a proper grown up. I think what I mean by that is boring sensible. I know you have to be sensible sometimes, but what i mean is I know some people who won't go on bouncy castles, who'll never just eat a bowl of dessert for dinner, who won't try doing cartwheels in the garden. I don't want to loose my sense of fun and delight at finding happiness in the small, silly things in life..
When I was younger I remember thinking that when I am 18 I will be an adult.. and when I was 18 I remember thinking that when I am 21 I will be an adult... I am 22 now and I still feel young! I reckon I will feel grown up when I am 25... but I will let you know when I get there ;o)
Happy birthday for yesterday Johnny Q!!! xxxx
Am getting there more and more everyday! It dawned on me earlier that i had started daydreaming about marriage and babies rather than rampant...ahem...well you get the picture. I blame watching my mate's wedding dvd last weekend and having been to a silly amount of weddings this year!

I'm starting to look at guys as marriage material when i've always been a decided commitment phobe who's happy enough to be single (as recent dating site escapades have reinforced to me).

Now I've got a proper grown up job and city centre apartment i guess i feel it more, and having my own secretary was wierd (but brilliant :)) esp as they all happened within weeks of each other.

Still not ready to grow up too much yet though!

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I was alright up to 25 but now I am hurtling towards 30, I am exceptionally panicky. I hate getting old and i dont really love being grown up.
Like Merlin, I think I'm growing younger (or just more immature?). This coming Wednesday I'll turn 45. I prefer to think of myself not as one 45-year-old but as five 9-year-olds.

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