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shi_shi | 03:15 Thu 12th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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answer this totally honestly and don't be embaressed, anyway i wanted to know what you do when you get nervous or what somebody you know does when they get nervous??? thx


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i talk at 100 mph......and a lad i work with starts to stutter and goes red,but thats not good because he is in retail and gets realy intimidated!!
I smoke as well, very bad :(

A friend of mine when she gets scared in the cinema subconsciously kicks the back of the seat in front of her. She gets shouted at a lot unsurprisingly.
If it is a scary film I cover my ears, shut my eyes and start humming.

If it is a job interview I wast to smoke a lot, but then who wants to employ someone who smells like an ashtray? That just makes me want to smoke more....

If I am at home and awaiting bad news, or stressed or anxious, then I clean - I start with the washing up, move to cleaning the sides down, then I get the mop bucket out and everyone knows to steer clear and keep outta my way!

Apologies, for the short answer earlier - my boss snuck u[ behind me!
I usually laugh...a lot.
Bite my bottom lip, crack my knuckles, talk too much or not at all and my eyes always seem to be looking for the nearest exit.... I'm a fantastic first date ;0)
Before any performance, I visit the loo a lot and shake like a leaf. Once it all starts I am fine.

Sometimes I indulge in some Rescue Remedy, but overdid it once and it wasn't good.
What happended when you overdid rescue remedy?? I use it all the time and need to know?
i start shakin,go bright red and cant talk properly i also get butterflys in my stomach
When I get nervous I like to lean my head against a cool wall and try and control my breathing. Maybe the wall represents 'emotional support' and the coolness a more 'clear and level headed' view of situations. I don't really know, but it seems to help. I dread to think what a therapist would make of it.
If I get really embarassed talking to somebody,which doesn't happen often,or when I used to have to talk to training groups at work,I used to get so tongue-tied that I couldn't speak - I would talk complete gibberish!
If it is a social situation i usually pick at the skin round my thumbs - i don't realise until later.

Sometimes i go quiet and other times I force myself to chat and be friendly.

If speaking in front of a lot of people I smile a lot and try to pretend I am talking to freinds.
same as pippa68 when i'm really scared i laugh like some kind of loony, i cant help myself
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thank u guys so much i really appreciate it if u have anything else to say about nervousness just write.


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