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snapdarlich | 00:18 Thu 12th Oct 2006 | Body & Soul
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Watching them perform Biology at the Vodaphone awards thingy on channel 4..

What bothers me - Why so many blatant crotch shots?

Are we so obsessed with sex that we'd rather look at some minging munter's hoof, rather than where the *granted girl's aloud aren't the most talented* music comes out of...


Why does Charlotte Church swear so much on her show? Does she suffer from Tourette's

Swearing's not f*****g funny!


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Because they're like, really fit.
Charlottes got the "im rich but i'm just like you really" syndrome. It's a bit like "Im rich but i dress like i have no money syndrome" that bob geldof, johnny depp and a few others have, but different.
Charlie Church !!! what a woman.. she could swear for England if she wasnt Welsh.
personally im quite happy to view the flange area of the girls aloud band, but find it offensive when they actually speak.( from their mouths you understand! ).
I like Girls Aloud, I'm not fond of crotch gazing (particularly the ginger one) but I did watch Pop Stars and I thought that they could all sing!

Anyhoo, I have been saying this about CC for weeks. The show is utter crap and "Look at me mum I'm swearing on TV and there's nothing you can do about it". It's excrutiating, it's on a level with the Johnny Vegas show.

I do like CC, and I like Johnny Vegas, I'm not easily offended, and swearing doesn't bother me in the slightest. I just don't really get it, none of it is really that funny!
~lol~ your post has soooo made me laugh - i thought the same thing myself (its all rather vomit inducing).

Give me the guys from muse to watch any day.

Charlotte f*****g Church - get over the 'its cool for rich kids to swear' syndrome.
I imagine that as the song was called biology the director must have been focussing on the part of the curriculum that covers the reproductive organs.

Charlotte Church - lovely girl, but I said the very same thing to my wife the other week whilst we were watching the programme - my wife called me an old fashioned prude!
Snappy... you never fail to make me laugh.. How you doing hun? xx

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