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long distance relationships

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bednobs | 20:55 Thu 28th Sep 2006 | Body & Soul
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can a long distance relationship last 10 yars?

sorry just wanted to jump on the bandwagon .... feel free to report!


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pmsl! nice one bednobs.

whats next 12? 15? 29.75?
This person has never been green then writes all this . I have put you are an imposter on one but cant find it now. Anythoughts about it
Ive been having a relationship with Hallie from miles away for a good 10years now...she isnt aware of it tho
youre right oldwoman, the person has never been a greenie. Why would anyone with so much to ask wait patiently for 2 weeks if genuine?
And there are 2 posts on jobs as well
how many do you need to posts before being banned for spamming.

Oooh just had a thought, could this be the new ED???? lol
What worried me was one of the posts wanted contact by e mail
wheres that oldwoman? please post the link, i mustve missed it
Could this person actually be someone genuinely wanting help ?

An outside chance, and of course all you experts know better.
sorry, whiffey. Forgot we cant voice an opinion :)
The one about her sister 4to 5 years mentioned
i think the people on here are beyond help
ah yes, sorry OW (can i call you that? oldwoman sounds like im insulting you) i was looking for an email lol
It really doesnt ring true to me.
Call me anything. This person should have a job typing. Some questions only took 3 mins between each one.
red, loads of thing don't ring true, but turn out to be true.

It hacks me off, the silly self-important judgemental comments like "it doesn't ring true to me"

Ask yourself - if this is a serious question - and why not ? - then was it clever to supply the response you did

Unless of course you have other inside information.
whiffey, i can say what i think cant i? others do. And i did say it doesnt ring true TO ME.
Doesnt mean that others have to think the way that i do.
And why suddenly pick me out of the crowd? I am one of quite a few on here that find this willow22 a bit odd this eve.
willow = whiffey
OK, anyone, get down and draw in the sand.

I just wonder, if I was new, how I would feel about being greeted with suspicion.

Too many questions ? - Or maybe someone with problems.

zoro, you are silly beyond belief. New batteries, or put a sock in it div lol :)
whiffey, I am driving my no 42 bus at the moment...where are you ?
Agree with whiffey on this one- we can't greet every newcomer with suspicion can we?

willow seems to me to be a young (just left school) person who's giddy with excitement at finding somewhere that finally answers her/his questions that's niggled 'em.

And if by some chance we do answer someone who turns out to be an alias- so what? Doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things does it?

I'd much rather be taken for a fool by responding to an alias than deliberately ignoring or giving a negative response to somebody who's genuine.
I dont agree zorro.
whiffey, can we make sand castles too? :)
A person with so many questions does happen on occasions, hence zorro warned she could be banned for short while but to keep posting variations on the same question........why?

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long distance relationships

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