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hair colour

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sugarcult | 17:13 Tue 01st Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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im dying my hair, but i cant dicide if i should go lighter (blonde) or darker (almost black brown) and i was wondering what the 2 hair colours make you think about a person. so tell me, if you saw a blonde and a dark haired girl walking down the street what would you think of both of them? thanx <3


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I personally wouldn't judge anyone buy their hair colour as most blokes I know start their glances from the feet and work their way up :o)
hair colour is a silly way of judging someone ... however if someone has dark eyebrows and blonde hair ... i would judge them!
er I have dark eyebrows and blonde hair !! go on then, judge away!
I think blondes DEF have more fun! From my experience blokes generally SAY that they prefer dark haired women but I find when on a night out you definitely get far more attention than brunettes.
Also, I think a lot of clothes colours suit blondes a lot better than brunettes.
Ooooo controversial...!!No offence meant!
Headless Rat - i couldnt agree with you more!!!!

I recently when back to a blondy/brown from a brunette and i prefer having light hair -sooooooo much more!!!
aaaaaaaw I'm still waiting to be judged!!
my hair is brown naturally but i dye it darker, it always looks so healthy and shiny when it's dark. i had highlights last year but i have been told it looks better dark and i prefer it dark xXx
lol i already pre judged you, soryy!

the judgement i always think in my mind is "that person's collar and cuffs don't match"
LMFAO I see. but (in case anyone cares lol) my hair is not dyed blonde it is natural

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hair colour

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