Straight to curly hair

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Headless Rat | 16:46 Tue 01st Aug 2006 | Body & Soul
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Hi, I have naturally poker straight hair but I want to get it curly for a night out so I bought those twisty rollers that you can bend and tried them out last weekend. First I put a handful of gel in my hair while it was wet, then put in the rollers, left them for an hour, blow dried my hair till I thought it was failry dry, then took out the rollers and blow dried it again. The hair just went completely straight after it was fully dried!!what do I do??!!


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I have naturally curly hair but I do use them when I want my hair to come together if you know what I mean.

You have to put them in when youre hair is still damp verging on drying.Slap a bit of mousse on and then put the rollers in.You have to put them at night and sleep with them in.Dont use a hairdryer -just tease the curls out when you take the rollers out and then spray it.Dont brush it.
You need to do it on dry hair after it's been lightly sprayed, and don't put too much hair in each bendy roller. In fact, the best way I ever did it was by just twisting my hair (wiast length) round my finger, and rolling it up into a coil, securing it with a clip. Whatever you do, don't keep blowdrying it when it's wrapped in as the inner bit won't dry and the outer bit will burn. Good luck with it!
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Try one of the curling irons instead, they tend to work better. I tries the bendy rollers and ended up looking like little orphan annie cos the curls were so tight!!!!
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have you tried them angel curl tongs
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Back to your question. I have curly hair and if i blow dry it it loses a lot of curl and goes frizzy.

Try rolling your hair in strips of fabric and tying (easier to sleep on then bendies. let it dry like that and then remove. If its still slightly damp then dont be tempted to blow dry it at all
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Straight to curly hair

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