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gingermonkey | 13:34 Tue 04th Jul 2006 | Body & Soul
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i have just been to the dentist after a tooth with a metal filling in it cracked. the dentist removed the cracked section and told me i will have to get a gold tooth added to what tooth i have left, she says this would be better than a white one since the cavity left goes below the gum line and white replacement glue wouldnt ge as good as gold!! im a bit confused, does anyone know if this is correct?


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Is this a private dentist per chance? If so, then there's your answer.
I have a gold tooth I got from an NHS dentist because it was cheaper than porcelain and (she said) more durable.
Me too,

Have two gold teeth NHS treatment, more durable apparently.....
I just had to get a gold crown a few weeks ago. It is pretty far back so dentist said it shouldnt be seen. It was to cost around �70 for the gold and I said that I felt I would really prefer white. The dentist said that would cost over �300 but she would also recommend the gold as is much stronger.
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its an nhs dentist, she sed it was cheaper and more durable, so i'l prob just go with that, just feels like its a bit bling!! although it is at the back and wont really be seen
I've just had one, too.
The white option is a porcelain, the 'gold' a metal alloy. Both cost about the same, I believe, and only available privately. You should also be able to get an NHS one, which is a metal alloy that looks grey/silver, if you want it. This is a bit cheaper.
I researched it and discovered that generally the gold is best as it can be made to fit and stick better, is long lasting, and wears like your own teeth. It should last 10+ years, I've been told.

The porcelain is tough; in fact can be too tough, and wears your remaining teeth. Trickier to get a good fit, as well, I read. Porcelain is generally used when the crown will be visible (which your won't, by the sound of it).
The NHS option is the cheapest and worst. Lasts about 5 years, I read. makes you look like a russian, though.
My treatment cost �200, all in, private.
Hey Catso,

Must be lucky ol' me then........One of my gold(en) is a real least 10yrs and counting........and like your gonna have monkey not seen at all ( both at the back)!
tis tru

gold is bullet proof :)

take it from me i work with dentists every day

its cheaper tho then porcelain cos it looks uglier
Ugly!? I quite like mine, not that you can really see it.
I had root canal treatment about 4 years ago, then about a year or so ago my whole tooth fell apart and I now have a gold tooth (a pirates tooth - as my nephew calls it). Had it done on NHS as it is cheaper - but it still cost me over �100.

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