a mate has cheated on his girfriend with me

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steph.e | 15:04 Thu 29th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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one of my friends cheated on his girlfriend with me when we were both drunk i know thats not an excuse but now he wants to go out with me but i dont know if i can be bothered with all the agro of her mates


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If you can't be bothered with all the agro, then clearly your telling yourself that you don't really want him, otherwise you would be; "s*d her friends, he's all mine, mine, mine!" and would think he was worth the fight.

And would you really want to go out with someone who can so easily cheat on his girlfriend just because he is drunk?

Not quite sure what your asking so took it as whether you thought it was worth going out with him or not.

Hope I've been of some help :o)
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yer i can handle the agro and ill probly go out with him but ill tell him if he cheats on me he can f**k of* btu he only cheated on her because he was going to dump her and he was fed up of he all ways goin in a strop because they would all way fight
Sounds like you two deserve each other...
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yer we probaly do
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i dont care wot people say about me coz if idont know them they dont mean anthing to me
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Hi again steph!

The thing is you say he said he was going to dump her as all they do is argue, so why didn't he finish with her first, then go with you?
I didn't see your post below before I posted to this one, so I am guessing this is the same person who is joining the army.
You sound very young (please don't take that the wrong way) and like your not really sure what you want. Don't just settle for him because you think you have to and because he is here for now. Break free from the mould of "F*** everyone" (I don't mean that in the sexual way either) and go out and make something of your life, or if you are already doing this, don't let this stand in your way.

Good Luck with it all :o)
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its ok wingnut u didnt afend me coz im only 14 so its ok
what im f**k'd about is that i dont want to put my self through any more pain
Oh for the love of God!! Mummy must be sooo proud
Hi Steph (again lol)

Jeebus! I didn't realise you were only 14!

I think the best thing you could do if you don't want to put yourself through anymore pain is to get away from the situation you are in.

I would give this boy a wide berth as I feel, from what you have said already, you are only going to get more heartache, he's not the only lad on the planet :o)

This is the mother coming out in me but please if when you say he cheated on his G/F with you, you mean sex and not just kissing, please just be careful. Also binge drinking at such a young age (I know we all probably did it, even tho I'm sure I didnt at 14, 16 maybe but not 14) is very dangerous.
Sorry if you think I am being patronising, just want to be of some help and make you aware of a few risks.

You take care and come back here if you ever need to, there are others who I am sure could be of more help than me :o)
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dont worrie i didnt have sex with him i dont go that far
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ive been hearing roomers about hes got 2 gether with his old girfriend again but im not sure so if he has he dosnt want me so i think ive made my mind up i dont thin kim goin to go out with him because he dosnt seamed bother what he dose or who he has
Hi again Steph :o)

From what you say I think your doing the right thing, it seems he isn't very trustworthy anyway and I'm sure you could do so much better.
Find a young man who will treat you with the respect you deserve and doesn't already have a girlfriend who's looking to kick your head in!
I think the key is not to rush into any relationship at your age, you have youth and beauty so can afford to be choosy :o)

Good Luck with it all, be happy and enjoy being young :o) ......(but sensibly!)
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ok ill try but the problem is now that all her friends are callin me a **** but i can handle it
Don't worry about them. Ignore them and don't do anything like rise to their bait. Someone else will soon take their attention and they will direct their venom towards them and will have forgotten about you. If they start to get nastier and prehaps physical, then please tell someone, don't let them bully or hurt you, esp as this is all over a boy!!
Your real name is not Vicky Pollard by any chance, is it?
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lol yer ok i confess
dont worrir i wont get bulled there probaly more afraid of me

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a mate has cheated on his girfriend with me

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