Holiday drinking - kids

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suzi-q | 15:07 Mon 26th Jun 2006 | Body & Soul
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We are taking our 16 yr old son and his friend also 16 on holiday to Greece this year.

They want to go off and do their own thing and as its our first holiday together since we've been together my hubby and I want some long awaited "us" time.

We are trying not to be naive and expect they will probably have a couple of drinks in the evenings.

However I'm worried that they will over do it, either come back and be sick everywhere, or get picked on or worse.

Has anyone any good advice, tips on how to accommodate all our needs?


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how about you all go out together for a meal and then seperate and then arrange to meet up at a certain bar or place at a certain time !
you're a long way from home and possibly dont know the ways of the country or how safe it is, maybe for the first time you could all visit the same area together but go your own way once there so you're not very far from each other while also giving the young ones some independance, mobile phone are essential, making sure they have powered batteries and credit, give them a time you want them back anmd make sure they stick to it, i would also say no more than 3 drinks each, i'n not a killjoy but they are 16 and under the circumstances too young to drink. tell them if they want to be treated like adults they must be respect on both sides, these simple rules should help all to have a safe happy holiday.
What have you agreed with the friend's parents? They may not approve of him drinking at all?
I went on holiday with my best friend and her parents when i was 15, they allowed us to drink and tried to keep an eye on what we were drinking but it was impossible. We got into all sorts of scrapes, a guy tried to molest me, she knocked herself unconcious, we both disappeared. Im ashamed of the way i behaved but we were very lucky.
Maybe it will be best to ban any alcohol unless they are having dinner with you and then limit it to a glass of wine or a beer.
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The other boy's parents are of similar opinion - they think its likely they'll have a experimental drink but like us don't approve of them going overboard.

Neither of the boys is very street wise, to be honest they've been fairly sheltered I suppose. They'd like to think they are cool dudes but they're only just starting to go out in the evening and meet up with pals etc.

I'm very aware of the responsibility of having someone elses child under my care abroad.
Are you staying in a hotel with a bar or club in it? Perhaps you could leave that area as for them alone then? Give them a set time that youd like them to be back at and set a limit as to how much alcohol they can have, maybe limit their spending money so that they cant go crazy.
I wasnt trying to say that you werent aware of your responsibilty but Im all too aware of how teenagers will push the boundaries. my friend and i were not wise to the ways of the world and at 15 were at an all girls school and very innocent.
It's very akward, but to a certain degree, I feel that you have to let them get on with it. Give them a little bit of trust. If they're nice lads, then I'm sure if you give them an inch, they won't take a mile.
I'm 15, and I went on holiday in April with my best mate (also 15) we didn't get alot of responsiblity, so we ended up just asking friends we met on holiday, who were all inclusive to buy us drinks. We're also going on holiday in 3 weeks, and will probably do the same.
The way we sorted it out with my mum, is that when we arrived back at our room, we'd knock on her door, just to let her know we were back. It let her sleep a little easier at night.
Explain the dangers to them, point out that they are miles away from home and ask them to use their common sense and then I'm afraid you'll have to leave them to get on with it. Make sure they have a mobile that works so you can keep in touch and I doubt you'll have too many issues.Most kids are quite sensible and respectful if theyre treated like grown ups so as long as they can get in touch with you and you with them I'd not worry too much and if there are any mishaps or if they take liberties then you can deal with it on a day to day basis, but to be honest at 16 they're adults and should be treated as such and will want to go clubbing and enjoying themselves.Have a nice holiday.

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Holiday drinking - kids

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