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Depression after virus.

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lynneuk74 | 03:25 Wed 11th Jan 2006 | Body & Soul
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I've suffered from depression for over 10 years now. It is pretty much under control and I cope well mostly.

I have begun, however, to see a trend. Every time I get some sort of viral infection (after having chicken pox or flu etc) I begin to feel really down and upset for no rational reason.

I have just finished a very heavy cold (don't think it was flu but never 100% sure of the difference) after 4 days flat out in bed. All of a sudden I'm feeling really nervy and just 'upset' but haven't a clue why. Is this normal? Is a cold 'viral' like flu? I guess that, at least if I knew this was somewhat 'normal' I wouldn't feel so confused.



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Well you know, some doctors are starting to admit that things like chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia and others might have viral origins, I don't see why your problem shouldn't have a connection somewhere along the line.
It would not surprise me at all if your hormones were out of balance. HRT in certain case�s can help; I do not know your age. Changing the contraceptive pill may also help. I would consider having a blood test to ascertain your hormone balance.
It may be due to a chemical imbalance. When we are unwell, we often don't get a proper balance of what our bodies need to be well, either because we don't feel like eating or because our bodies don't absorb things properly when they are out of sorts. Depression can often be related to lack of certain vitamins and to lack of zinc. Try a good vitamin supplement. Ask your health food shop to recommend the best one for you.
start building yourself up with echinacea and elderberry..take a good multi vitamin and iron with vitamin c..if you are not taking any prescribed medicine take st johns wort for depression and valerian at bed time..give it a month and you should see a difference..
yes a cold is caused by a virus like flu is and yes it can make you feel depressed. I don't suffer from depression in the normal way of things, but after a cold sometimes, especially when the days are dark, I do get a mild form.

here's a useful item on the difference between a cold and flu. basically flu is more serious and less common.

It is completely normal lynneuk74!!

Your body is using it's resources to fight an illness, you haven't moved for days, you have no endorphins running round your body.

I have a condition that flares up now and then and is incredibly painful, and whilst I have it and immediately afterwards, I am very down. I too suffered from depression for about 10 years and mine is under control, but when you're unwell it can flare up easily. Many people in hospital, who have never suffered with depression before, will get it as a direct result of being ill and stationery.

Give yourself a break and a hug!, I would agree with taking echinacea, it works wonders for me, I haven't been ill since I started taking it over a year ago. Also try and get up and moving, although there's nothing wrong with spending one day on the sofa watching your favorite programmes or reading your favorite book. It's not your depression coming back, it's just a glitch as a result of being ill. I promise. And you'll feel much better in a few days. x x

Been feeling the same myself over the past 5 days lynneuk74! I had a severe depression related illness almost 10 years ago, and haven't felt as down as I have over the past few days since then. I've been getting over a really bad cold - my doctor says there are a lot of weird viruses about at the moment, with peculiar symptoms that refuse to go - and over the past 3 days I have been bursting into tears unexpectedly and not understanding why!

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Depression after virus.

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