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How do I play hard to get?

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scrumpy78 | 09:19 Wed 11th Jan 2006 | Body & Soul
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It's an age old theory, play hard to get, they'll come running. I live with my partner, we've been together 7 months, split up for a couple of months in between. He is living with me temporarily til his house purchase goes through but feel he is taking me for granted. I want to "pull back" a bit and what happens, I dont want him to think he has 100% hold on me. How exactly do you play hard to get? especially if you live with someone? I feel this is the best option, as I have tried talking to him with no avail..........


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The simple answer is to 'not talk' to him!

Not literally, but withdraw any expressions of emotion or affection. Be vague about your social life, don't tell him where you are going, or who with. Generally keep conversation friendly, but information-free - and see what the reaction is.

I don't think it needs to be contrived, what you need to do, and this goes for wether you live together, are married, any type of relationship, is to retain your own life. Not to get so wrapped up in being part of a couple that, god forbid, if it goes wrong you still have a life!

Retain that air of mystery, spend time on your own, doing what you want to do. Someone who's independant and confident and happy is instantly more attractive.

treat hm like a flatmate, which is presumably all you want him to be until he goes. By all means chat to him about your plans, discuss the weather, invite him to wash the dishes; but try to say 'I' rather than 'we' - and think it too.

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How do I play hard to get?

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