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Does Herbalism Help?

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lynbrown | 09:54 Sun 16th Jun 2024 | Body & Soul
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I have arthritis in my hips. The gp has tried several pain killers but the side effects are terrible.  Could the herbal shop offer any help?



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I don't know of herbs that help, but have you tried applying Volteren ? it goes to the spot and doesn't effect your stomach etc. like tablets. 

Natural plant remedies have been used for generations, especially before there was a pharmaceutical industry to sell folk stuff. So maybe you can find something that helps ease your problem. Why not websearch for arthritis and supplements and see if there is anything you'd be prepared to try ? Check it won't adversely affect anything else you are taking though.

I see I misspelt in the first post, it should be; VOLTAREN

It contains Diclofenac a powerful painkiller, which I can't take internally, but Voltaren works well for me when surface applied.

Do you mean Voltarol Khandro? I'm not sure but think Voltaren may have been discontinued.  Voltarol is really good - it helps me. I use the 2.32% gel.


I must say Voltarol did not work for me. 

I understand the  gel is called Voltarol in UK but Voltaren in other countries (including Canada and Australia)


PS both have Diclofenac as the main ingredient.It is much safer to use the gel, as  the tablets can cause severe kidney problems . 

Have you tried a TENS machine?

Naural remedies are headed-up by Comfrey.  Until moving to this house (small garden) I always had a comfrey plant.

I mainly grew it for my dogs and cats - as they got older and achier they would go and nibble at it for relief. You can buy comfrey pills for that in pet shops.  For humans you can chop it up and sprinkle on salads etc.. I expect you can buy tablets etc. for humans.

If, like me, your hip degenerated very, very quickly (so quickly that they suspected necrosis (is that it?) and you are bone-on-bone.... then I don't think anything but an op. can help.

The steroid injections are very painful afterwards for some days. Codeine gives appalling constipation.  Good luck.  :)

go there and ask them and try a few

and you are bone-on-bone....

terribly painful and makes you want to throw up. ( separate reflex). I used to walk along and think: I am going to sick up everything I have eaten in the last six hours

if you gonna take Voltarol: you should swallow it. not exactly herbal

If you're heading for a health food shop (and you've got fairly deep pockets), it might be worth giving CBD oil a try.  Some people with arthritis have reported that it has helped them a great deal to overcome pain (but, equally, some people say that it does nothing at all for them).

From the leading US arthritis charity:

From Holland & Barrett:

Before you spend any money, have you tried fasting, and then removing carbs and sugar from your diet for a few weeks? Often inflammation causes more pain than the actual problem we can see, and giving your system a break from food and sugar can really help with pain.

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Does Herbalism Help?

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