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Hearing Aids Again..

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Vagus | 18:55 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | Body & Soul
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I've only worn them for a few hours over the last few days as they really irritated my ears to the point the itch was unbearable.

however, today they went straight in and I've worn them all day without a problem. I do wonder how effective they are for me as I've had to turn the sound down to -2 so I don't get all the odd noises I was hearing. 
I'll stick with them but don't see me wearing them all day every day as, at this point, I don't see there's much or any advantage.



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Ask those who live with you if they notice a difference 

I find them most useful in social situations - pub etc. where there's a lot of background noise & I'm in conversation with 3 or 4 people. TV I can cope with with a decent soundbar. Otherwise I don't really bother wearing them.

// I've had to turn the sound down to -2 so I don't get all the odd noises I was hearing//

In other words they enable you to hear things you were missing. Isn't that exactly what they're meant to do?

BA to barry - do your aquaintances notice you're asking them to repeat themselves less often?

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The sounds it appears I was missing is the rustling of my hair against my ears, the dog scratching himself, OH sniffing, the loo flushing loudly. None of which I need to hear to the level I now do.

I only live with one other person and his hearing is probably worse than mine is without hearing aids. Hasn't made much or any difference to the tv volume.

I know exactly what you mean.  Everyone can hear those sounds but the brain filters them out and people just don't notice them.

You are only hearing them because your brain has forgotten to filter them.  It is important that you stick with your aids, it won't be long until you realise you haven't heard those annoyances for a few days.

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Oh I intend to stick with them Barry, although I do feel Ill do what Parsleydumpling does and not wear them for certain situations.

Im sure as my hearing deteriorates they'll become more necessary.

One thing I didn't realise was how loud I was talking before I got my aids. Since getting them I don't shout 😄😄 (so I'm told). The one noise that does annoy me is hearing the dogs claws 'clicking' on the wooden floor. I feel like asking him to walk quieter 🤣🤣

i did not realise how bad my hearing had become,went for the aids had them fitted and walked outside to hear birds singing and traffic noise,sounds i had not heard for a good while

I must agree about the birds. The audiologist said it would be the first thing I become aware of, she wasn't wrong.

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Wednesday and Thursday I was hardly aware they were in but today my ears are itching like a very itchy thing again and I've had to take them out 😕

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Hearing Aids Again..

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