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What Changes Should I Expect In Menopause?

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juliecarlstan | 10:59 Thu 30th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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I'm 41, and the only time I've ever been an over-achiever is starting Menopause early!! HA

Seriously though, I have heard horrible things about hot flashes...I thought it was just drinking that caused the heat.

Anything else I am completely in the dark about, and would help any/all advice.

Like how does my drinking affect Menopause? Do I need an estrogen supplement? I got out of the shower the other day and it looked like just the tips of all my fingers were covered in severe athletes foot, peeling away. My feet were worse. Question: Does the skin on my finger tips and toes thicken? what is the cause of the epic athletes foot outbreak? I haven't had it happen again....and although my feet do get smelly from time to time...I dont believe I have athletes foot. I don't even really touch my feet, just don't like to.

What changes will come to my mental health, or emotional state in Menopause

I ask so much because I lost my mother 20 years ago, there are major gaps in my knowledge. 

I still admire, dearly love, and miss my Mom, Amy. 

We didn't have the kind of Mother/Daughter relationship where you might talk about these practicalities of life. 

Can taking medication stop a ladies period for a year? cause I don't have hot flashes like my friends describe. 

How much is my body going to physically, visually change? Is my teeth going bad, and needing to all be pulled, due to Menopaus' physical changes? How long does the whole process take?

Thanks for your answers in advance Guys!!  Ya'll are great here!



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You say you don't touch your feet.  Really?  Don't you ever wash between your toes because you really should.

I was fine when I was given HRT it worked wonders.

Many women sail through it without problems, some really suffer physically and emotionally.

My wife had a full hysterectomy before she had the menopause and has been on HRT ever since. Her doctor tells her she can take it for the rest of her life.

As you are so young consider talking to your GP about HRT

Yes, HRT if you are menopausal.  My daughter takes it (she was early as well).  I was an early starter and took HRT happily for 3 yrs until there was a panic about breast cancer. Suddenly it was stopped and I had the most horrendous time - lying in bed shuddering and soaking sheets etc. . It still hasn't quite gone and I occasionally have hot flushes (I'm in my 70s).  So no question - see your doctor & get it diagnosed. By the time they worked out that HRT was safe - it was a bit late for me.

Despite having had to soldier through the brick wall on my own, I have no more than normal dental problems.  You find it very hard to lose weight - and very easy to gain it. I was careful about ingesting enough calcium & vit D (helps the body absorb calcium) to protect bones.

Everyone is different - but make it easy on yourself.  Good luck!

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Thanks for the info! But what is HRT?

Hormone Replacement Therapy

HRT is hormone replacement therapy. To replace the hormones that naturally decrease in your body as you age and enter menopause. Menopause the pausing or stopping of menarche

I didn't exactly sail through it, but I really didnt get any physical problems. So no HRT.

But I was extremely emotional and moody.

Think everyone's experience is different. Friend went through the menopause at 38 while I was 50.  I sailed through, no hot flushes etc and have never been on HRT.  Daughter on the other hand was miserable with flushes and was glad to get back to normal once she went on HRT.  Good luck.

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What Changes Should I Expect In Menopause?

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