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Easy To Follow Keto Diet

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DDIL | 10:23 Thu 30th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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I would like to lose some weight.

In the past I have followed Atkins with some success, I have looked at Keto and believe Keto is the modern version of Atkins, but I struggle to understand it.

Is it just eating protein and fats and not eating carbs or processed foods?

I have a sweet tooth so how would I be able to take that into consideration?

Thank you for your help



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The keto diet in a nutshell is limiting carbs to 20 grams total per day. And then getting the remainder of your nutrition from protein and fats. Use a macronutrient calculator to determine how much of each is right for your height, weight and goals. There is a misconception that those on the keto diet eat huge amounts of fat. Some do but for weight loss protein is your goal as you want your body to use its own fat reserves.

Base your diet on meat, fish, poultry, dairy, eggs, leafy green veg,healthy fats.

Its best to reduce that sweet tooth. Personally I don't believe in using artificial sweeteners because as long as you do, you will crave sweets. You can have a small amount of berries that are lowcarb.

There is a lot of information on this site...lots of basic information, a macronutrient calculator and a forum. 

You can also look at dietdoctor and a number of other sites.

Keto is short for "Ketogenic" and is very similar to the Atkins diet, starving yourself of carbohydrates and other sugars to put your body into ketosis, where the body will produce energy from stored fat.  Please note:

Concerns about serum sodium levels led researchers to propose the diet only be used in "selected" people, and under strict medical supervision.

Question Author

Thank you for your help and recommendations Pastafreak.

Ellipsis, that you for the extra information.

A keto diet is naturally lower in sodium due to eating far less processed foods. That's why it's usually recommended that sodium intake is increased.

I should add that the basics of a keto or very low carb diet is healthy food. Not rubbish.

"Avoid" is a bit harsh- the article doesn't suggest it doesn't work or is harmful, it just suggests there are alternatives that may be better. Some people do very well out of the keto diet so long as they take extra sodium and potassium in some form

Contrary to what that link says, keto can be very balanced and is healthier than the high carbohydrate diets recommended by the 'food pyramids' of both the UK and the USA. Lots of low carbohydrate above ground leafy green vegetables are recommended. It's only starchy ones that aren't. That's not to say that they are forbidden...if they fit in a daily allowance, fine. How can eating fresh, unprocessed food be unhealthy. As I said, eating a lot of fat is a misconception. Eat real food.

Reducing carbohydrate helps balance blood sugar levels, and many doctors are now prescribing it for pre-diabetes, and diabetes. I'd rather use diet than drugs. Also, reducing grains will often reduce body inflammation. Arthritis and joint pain is often reduced as a result.

We're all different, my diabetes was bad, taking four different drugs daily with the threat of insulin injections if I didn't lose weight.

I did lose weight, reversed diabetes and have been drug free and healthy for several years.  I never restricted carbs and still eat a good portion of bread, pasta or rice at dinnertime, porridge every morning plus a large amount of veg of all types, pulses and legumes too. 

I simply cut down on carbs rather than go full keto. Aimed for <= 20 gms per meal, but if eating out than can prove difficult. I did so for blood sugar reasons but both my woman and myself have clearly lost weight as a result. Apparently I'm now in the 'healthy' zone ! I can't recall when I was last there. Limbs got rather thin though, never concentrates on reducing the bits that should be prioritised.

Yeah, drop the sweet tooth as much as possible. You need to feel good but you don't need a "treat" every day. Nor every five minutes for that matter.


Sugar apparently is a carbohydrate, as is starch and fibre.  But sugar is the simple, short molecule chain type.

Don't eat carbohydrates.  

Restrict your intake to vegetables, protein (meat, cheese and other dairy), with a little fruit (fruit is high in sugar so limit it). 

The weight will drop off.  

In my experience keto is very difficult to stick too long-term, because it is so restrictive like many diets.


In my experience keto is very difficult to stick too long-term, because it is so restrictive like many diets. You would be better off working out your BMR and TDEE using online calculators, and deducting 500 cal per day so you are in a slight deficit. Keto is really good for getting rid of cravings and getting you off sugar though.

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Easy To Follow Keto Diet

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