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What Does This Say About A Person?

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Tom9348 | 01:03 Tue 27th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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So this person is fairly young, however, they have very little excitement/motivation/interest about most things in life. They don't show any interest in their own birthdays and couldn't care less if they didn't get any gifts. They don't care about getting Christmas gifts either. At new year they go to bed and couldn't care less about new year, they don't understand why people celebrate this. They have very little motivation to achieve anything and just put one foot in front of the other. They have no interest in socialising with anyone and very little interest in forming a relationship. What could be wrong with them? 



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Anhedonia (either as a symptom of depression or from another cause) comes to mind:

That's a fair description of an introvert. I can relate to that and wouldn't say there is anything wrong with them. Just quite different to you by the sounds of it. 



That sounds like me, well most of the time.

I am a cat - I do what I want, when I want and I'm secure enough to be left alone.

I am happy and content.  


Or maybe it is you,in which case there is nothing wrong as such. You are what you are and you can learn to be comfortable with that.

If it is how you are and you are not comfortable with it then you can make efforts to be more a little more sociable and interested in life.

adding to my answer

I have a few good friends. They all helped me move house last year and still help.

I also have a brother who looks after me to ensure I don't squander his inheritance😁

Tom, is this person you are describing yourself?

Was going to ask the same as Barsel.x

I am bipolar,and this sounds a bit like me before I was prescribed the correct medication.

I existed like this for many years, until I moved down here,and my great GP put me on Lithium.

Now I am a normal human being,or as normal as you can be!

Glad to hear it NN!

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Is that kind of, autobigraphical, Tom?

Oops! Didn't see Barsels' post.

I agree with Chris. Depression. Help needed. Seek ye and find. 

There's nothing wrong with them. Just antisocial and individualistic. Not everyone follows the herd. A solitary thinker who perhaps is a little introspective.

Apart from the "fairly young" it sounds a bit like me!

Nothing wrong here. Just introverted. There are a lot of us about. You just don't hear from us.

If he/she still gets out of bed, gets washed and dressed to     - yes, just put one foot in front of the other I'd say he/she is ok. 

Most of that describes us, my Mrs + me.

Yes let's put a label on them, tell them they have some kind of mental disorder then they can go on long term sick and claim benefits. 

Sums me up to a tee and I have had a very happy life, as has my wife of almost 60 years who has the same attitude as me.

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What Does This Say About A Person?

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