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Update On Hip Progress, There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

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jourdain2 | 22:08 Wed 21st Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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I was shattered, in great pain and demoralised after A&E experience. Elder daughter L. asked a friend and she told me to ring 111.  I did, though with no great hopes, on Friday. The lovely lady on the phone told  me to go  to Brid. Urgent Care Centre & made a reservation for me.  So we went.

They cursed 111 (nicely)- as I was well out of their remit - but the nurse was so appalled about what had happened that hebeavered around and found the phone number for the secretary of the surgeon I was supposed to see in March.  I rang when we got home and was given a cancellation appt. for yesterday!

I couldn't believe it and went to see him determined to fight my corner - I crumbled.  He was wonderful, had got all my X-rays and medical details through from my GPs surgery and knew all about it! 

Long story short - it's complicated, not a simple repair or replacement, but he has plans A, B & C for when he gets in there.  So reassuring.

I was weighed, measured, blood-tested and most pre-op activities carried out because I am now on his 'urgent' list and could just get 48 hrs. notice.  

The pain is worsening and I sleep a lot (pills)but I feel so much better - the despair has  gone.  Fingers firmly crossed.😀  Thanks for being there, everyone - you have helped. 🙂




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Good to hear.  All the best.

Question Author

Thanks, Tilly, Smow and O_G - it's getting harder (more pain) daily - but at last I can see an end to it.  😀

Good luck Jourdain xx

Question Author

Thanks Sharon, getting more painful daily and I keep falling asleep! (Medications). 

Jourdain .  I have missed out on your postings as I've not been around much on here for a few days.  My health problems have raised their ugly head again!

I'm so glad that things are going in the right direction  now and wish you all the best.

Lottie xx



Question Author

Oh, thank you, Lottie.  I'm sorry, but I've not really kept up with your problems either.  I do hope things are going the right way for you at last. Mutual support, that's the way.  Good luck with it all. xx

Hello - just wondering whether you've had your op yet? Sending get well wishes.

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Thanks helly.  I've a pre-op assessment appointment next Tues. (4th) so fingers  firmly crossed.

Bless you. Thinking about you. xx

My thoughts are with you too Jourdain. I know how painful hip problems can be after the recent shennanigans here.

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Thank you both.  The pain is very wearing and rather demoralising.

My fingers are also crossed for you, jourdain

Wishing you all the best.

That is really good news, Jourdain.  It cannot be underestimated the effect of continuing pain can have on a person and those around them.  It is horrific for the person in pain and very distressing for those who care.  Fingers crossed for a speedy resolution.

(I have indirect experience of this right now, Mr BM had a knee replacement last month, but it may not have worked.  His pain is getting worse and I HATE seeing him in such agony.  I am knackered due to the fact that there seems to be no resolution to this.  Anyone who is in pain has my sincere sympathy and anyone caring for someone in pain does too.)

Bonne nouvelle Jourdain, je suis ravie pour vous. 🤸‍♂️

Question Author

Thank  you all et  merci beaucoup, Khandro.  To read little messages like this are helping to keep me going, especially since we've just had bad news about a lesion on Mr. J2's head.  Am I allowed to say 'bless you all for your kindness' - well I've done it now! xx

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Update On Hip Progress, There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel!

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