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fruitsalad | 12:16 Tue 13th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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Mr Fruit went in to have a reveal device, fitted this morning, now they have decided he may need a pacemaker, waiting to confirm with the consultant, will this be a day surgery as the reveal device would of been, or anyone that's had this done is it an overnight stay.



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Probably best to be prepared for  a couple of nights in case it needs adjusting.  Normally day case or just one night though

When MIL had it done she was in for 2 nights but that maybe because no one was at home to keep an eye on her.

I had a pacemaker fitted on 24th January. It's a day clinic job. Arrived at the ward at 0730 and was at home by 1730. If they tell you you can resume bloodthinners after 24 hours don't believe it. I made the mistake of resuming Rivaoxaban after 24 hours and spent four consecutive days in A&E and the cardiac day case ward. I have now resumed yesterday as the wound is still dressed but scabbing over nicely. Had my first shower yesterday. It was bliss.

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Glad you are on the mend retro, Mr Fruit is not on blood thinners, he's takes a beta blocker, apparently he's just been told any children we have, need to get checked out for the same thing. (Still not 100% sure what the 'thing' is)

I think they told me to hold on the Bisoprolol prior to the procedure. They don't want any artificial heart rate whilst they tweak the box . My heart paused for 6 beats.If it had been 7 I would continually be flat on my face.  :-). That is why they gave me the pacemaker.

Mine was a day case - all my meds were adjusted before and after.  No probs.  Yearly check ups and tweaks if necessary. 

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