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How To Replicate Walking Uphill In The Home - Particular Exercises?

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barry1010 | 16:44 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | Body & Soul
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I don't get the chance to walk outside as often as I should so when I do get to walk uphill for any distance I am in agony later with shin crams, possibly shin splints. 

I do at least 26 miles a week on my cross trainer, a combination of running on the flat, and hiking uphill but my feet are always at a 90 degree angle so it is very different to walking up a real hill where my feet would be at a 45 degree angle.

Are there any exercises that would prevent these shin pains when I walk uphill?



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I can't suggest anything, but I also get bad shins when I walk uphill. I always presumed that it's because I don't do it often, and that if I did my shins would strengthen up and it wouldn't happen. Maybe the foot/leg angle strtches something. I bet someone here will come up with something.

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I do a variety of exercises including heel raises and drops on the bottom stair so I'm hoping someone has different ideas for me.

I know the solution is to go out and walk uphill regularly but that just isn't possible at the moment.

High heels for your outside hill walk? :-)

If you are serious about improving your uphill walking, I’d recommend you buy the cheapest running machine you can find that has an incline function.  You could then slowly increase the incline, gradually improving your uphill walking.


A 15% incline is quite steep; if you are ascending 45 degree angle hills, I’d recommend you buy climbing gear.

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I would buy one at the drop of a hat, hymie, but I don't have the space.  I have seriously considered it but really couldn't fit it anywhere.  

I am thinking of getting a cross trainer.  There is a great difference in prices.

I live in a flat which is above a shop.  A treadmill might make too much noise and I can envisage me going through the floor.

Any advise?

The only way is to get a tread mill and set it uphill then practice to build up tolerance.

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Mine is a very expensive, very heavy full size machine so I can't advise you on buying a particular make or model.  I've never used one designed for the home.

The only advice I can give is to make sure the stride is long enough - 18" is minimum otherwise your movement will be very restricted.   If you are below average height with short legs you could possibly manage with a shorter stride.  

Some crosstrainers are heavier than treadmills, so check the weight when you are choosing.  My crosstrainer is mostly silent but does make a racket when it calibrates itself every two or three weeks.

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How To Replicate Walking Uphill In The Home - Particular Exercises?

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