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Thisoldbird | 20:00 Mon 15th Jan 2024 | Body & Soul
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I've not got, nor had a cold but am plagued with catarrh dripping down the back of my throat yet nothing to blow using a tissue.  

It collects in Mt throat, making me cough until it comes up..quite large amounts down to pea size pieces.. I've had antibiotics for a whhezy chest and shortness of breath. Any advice/suggestions please. 



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It's a bit unwise to take advice here, but just in case it helps, I had a similar experience last week.  I consulted my pharmacist, told them I was on Clopidogrel/Amlodopine/Atorvastatin, they sold me Benylin Mucus Cough MAX. I'm improving so no longer taking it now. I recommend you consult pharmacist or doctor.

Are you aware of post nasal drip?

I wondered about post nasal drip, like Barry. I suffer with it off and on, very unpleasant.

You could try a nasal spray. My GP recommended I use Beconase which I buy over the counter. It's a steroid nasal spray and has certainly reduced my drippy nose and throat clearing.

May be worth a try?

OH has, at long last, an  appt. with the ENT people on Thursday.  He has sung all his life, a wonderful bass (I assure you -sang with a Welsh M.V.Choir at the Albert Hall, amongst others).  Until 2 yrs. ago we  had continued singing in a 4-voice quartet 'entertaining the old folk' & singing in church services around.  We had to  disband because OH became drowned in catarrh.  I can now hear his chest telling me that he is coming upstairs!   We've tried everything, Vick inhalations, prescribed medicines - the lot.  A chest X-ray was clear recently; hence this appt. .  If I get anything useful from it, I'll let you know. 

Question Author

Thanks everyone.  

Jourdain your post in particular describes my problem.  I lay in bed hearing the wheezing continual coughing..I'll be very interested if you OH get worthwhile results. 


I'll let you know t.o.b..  His GP has pre-empted delays by already giving him a course of pills to suppress this and that - they madeno difference.

Hello t.o.b.   Well, I'm one puzled woman here.  We ploughed through the snow this morning and OH had camera pushed down his nose at hospital.  Result - nothing!  

He's wheezing away but it is not catarrh, because I asked where it was all coming from.  It is because he  doesn't drink enough (he's on diuretics for his heart) and his vocal chords etc. are all too dry!  

I don't know if this will help you, but it  is  all I can offer.  Good luck.  :)

know this would be hard but my brother who was also a professional singer was tortured by catarrh but he remedied it by swallowing broken egg shells and that shifted it probably temporarily

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Thank for the update Jourdain2. 

I'm pretty sure I don't drink enough too. Interesting diagnosis..thankyou for sharing. 

Last evening before bed I used a nasal spray having got to the stage I'll try a process of elimination. 

I didn't wake coughing during the night..this morning I found the mucus shifted quicker and easier..I'm repeating that tonight. Hoping it's a good move. 

I'm still wheezy, the hard coughing makes me see I'm going to blow the top of my head off. 

Jinnyjoan I'm not sure I could tackle egg shells!!


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