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Name For A Type Of Pump Bottle...?

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joko | 14:20 Sun 06th Aug 2023 | Body & Soul
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Im looking for a pump bottle
but i want the type that is airtight & the inner container gets smaller with every pump.
the base moves upwards with every pump, to keep it airtight,
& to force the cream through the spout.
the sort used for thick cream, rather than runny lotion that works with the ordinary type.

I cant think what that would be called though, for a search term.

I tried 'pressure' but it just brought up garden sprayers.

Any ideas?

thanks :)


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A grease gun will do the job. Remove the bottom cap, fill with grease/cream, replace bottom cap and then pump out using the handle. Not elegant but will do the job. User Recommendation
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That looks the same as what I posted at 14:31.

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Name For A Type Of Pump Bottle...?

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