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Groin Strain

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Grice | 16:03 Fri 09th Sep 2022 | Body & Soul
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I am a reasonably fit 66 year old male who plays indoor football, sedately, I have been advised to wear compression shorts as I have a slight groin strain which won't clear up. I have looked on various sites and would welcome any advice on which compression shorts would be good for me or by their very nature are they good anyway?


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It won't clear up as long as you continue to play needs at least 2-4 weeks rest with the addition of Ibuprofen 400mgms twice daily.

I know nothing about compression shorts, but I am sure that you will find, or be directed to, websites which will say that they are helpful or useless.

Not my field of expertise.
Here's one link - full of "may"s etc., but worth a look perhaps.

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Groin Strain

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