Harmful Effects Of Smoking Verse Infant Diet On Adult Health

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Raidergal2022 | 18:51 Fri 01st Jul 2022 | Body & Soul
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There is a lot of research on the benefits of breastfeeding and reading most reliable public health sites the information makes the risks of not breastfeeding sound worse than the risks of passive smoking

For example from reading the following NHS pages the benefits of breastfeeding extend ‘well into adulthood’ ie ‘cardiovascular disease’ yet the page on passive smoking in childhood not only lists fewer risks but does not indicate an impact on adult health on passive smoking in childhood

It makes me wonder although smoking seems worse are the outcomes of not receiving breastmilk as an infant worse..
Or am I reading things wrong?

I don’t hold any opinions btw I don’t have kids nor do I smoke I am simply curious. This isn’t an emotive debate on what we should/shouldn’t do around kids Im talking about the biological outcomes

As someone who gets a bit worried about my own health kind of makes me disappointed that I wasn’t breastfed at all as an infant (seriously ha) I mean I wonder if I’d have been a quicker thinker or had healthier arteries


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Jura71 everyone thinks that about their kids ha
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Breast or bottle must be the decision of the parents. It is better to have a relaxed and content bottle fed baby than an exhausted parent with a hungry baby that is unable to breast feed properly. Fostered and adopted babies are usually bottle fed. My adopted daughter is no different academically or health wise than her cousins. Breast is not always best
I doubt anything in regards to breast or bottle feeding would be more detrimental than smoking, passive or otherwise and I don’t really understand where you got the notion from.
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Thanks Jura71 - you are probably right

Also though don’t forget I’m talking from a purely biological/physiological perspective rather than a moral viewpoint ie the intentions of parents which could bias the main question

A fact I find interesting is that mothers who smoke are advised to breastfeed- this is despite the fact that nicotine and harmful chemicals pass to the infant through the milk. Health authorities still recommend it as the benefits of breastmilk outweighs the negative effects of nicotine being passed to the baby
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Fatticusinch - I stated where I got the notion from but I admit it was probably very simplistic thinking on my part
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Jura71 don’t you think 6 weeks is a lot better than never breastfed at all though I mean at least they received all the antibodies, neurological building substances for a continued period.
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what is the discussion? it is clear the current advice is

you should breast feed ( a baby)
You should not smoke
Oh darn it Pete. I've only managed one of those so far.
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Passive smoking has never caused anyone any health problems. People don't like smokers and smoking, so they invented the passive smoking myth. I defy anyone to name one single person whose death certificate states that passive smoking was the cause of death, or one of the causes. Or to prove that passive smoking has ever caused any illnesses.
Never mind surveys and reports. Let's see medical proof of these claims. Cos that's all they are. Just claims, but because lots of people say them, they become accepted.
is this discussion really
Breast or faggy - if you are gonna do one, which is best ?

well - there are a few obstacles, as do you breastfeed is not yes/no - it is about exclusively, how long etc
and do you smoke , how many, what sort, do you smoke a pipe etc

give up now

The increased mortality from NOT beast feeding is 1.3

and I havent looked it up, the increased mortality from smoking is much greater

oh you mean muvva smoking....
sorry got answer fatigue....
// I defy anyone to name one single person whose death certificate states that passive smoking was the cause of death,//

obvious screaming non sequitur

A DC doesnt mention X so it doesnt exist

Hellooooo - - there is monkey pox out there, even tho no DC may have mentioned it !
For those with double digit IQ and havent put down their crayons:
DCs ( Death Certificates that is!) are not a perfect record of cause of death and so reliance on them will lead to error - such as Clarions

I had very early research fatigue when looking for " Passive smoking is bad for you" - on the internet
A baby born to a mother who smokes will be addicted to nicotine at birth. So the passive smoking may stop the infant from being irritable because of withdrawal.
Not sure there will be any long term benefits though.

A strange thing to compare. Surely the best diet you can provide and a smoke-free environment is what you should strive for. Not an either or choice.
A death certificate will only say someone died of lung cancer. It will not speculate how they contracted it.

The trumpeter Roy Castle, a non smoker blamed his lung cancer on performing for many years in smokey jazz bars. He believed passive smoking caused his cancer.
But his death certificate didn’t say that, and another cause might have been the reason.
10cs: "Passive smoking has never caused anyone any health problems. People don't like smokers and smoking, so they invented the passive smoking myth." - I agree that passive smoking is not that harmful but that's not the point. Whenever I bring this up smokers cannot grasp it. I'll do it again, it's the smell the disgusting smell the pollution of our hair and clothes not to mention the air. I know smokers cannot smell how bad it is until they give up which I suppose is why they always disregard it. Your house was put in order for you in 2007 because you are inherently selfish and disgusting, just look at any pub door way, knee deep in smoking paraphernalia. Our work smoking shed is no better even though there are bins etc smokers are inherently incapable of using them.

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Harmful Effects Of Smoking Verse Infant Diet On Adult Health

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