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Canary42 | 21:29 Sat 25th Jun 2022 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone here had experience of online blood testing (I seem to get a lot of Ads for them), and if so what is your opinion of the results ?


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Took for ever to get the stuff into the USB port.

Still awaiting results.
Douglas never takes things seriously.
I go to the hospital or clinic, get the blood taken, and have the results on my computer within 5 hours...That's online isn't it? Nothing unusual.
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Douglas: LOL

Buenchico: Thanks for the link Chris, I will explore it.

Sanmac: I had a sample taken at the hospital a couple of weeks ago - where can I find any results online, as I haven't heard anything yet.
Canary42, I live in Ontario so obviously we have a different system. I had to sign-up with the hospital and clinic with my details and password. Sometimes the results are on my computer when I get home from having the blood taken!
To view your NHS records online, you first need to register for NHS online services. Using the app or website will then let you see very basic information, such as information about your medications and allergies. To be able to see your full NHS record online, you have to approach your GP's surgery to allow access to such information via the website or app. What you'll see then should include information reported back to your GP by the hospital but it won't show results that the GP hasn't yet received.
Waste of money. They don't take enough blood to get a proper blood profile
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Thanks sanmac. I've tried the NHS Patient Access online system but nothing there.

Going off-topic briefly, I actually applied for immigration into Canada about 50 years ago and they turned me down )-:
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Having read the Which? link, it all looks like another con from the snake oil salesmen.
You're welcome
I see no problem. Easy blood taking at home, enough blood for the tests which end up in a reputable laboratory anyway.
Accurate and reliable and the future for lab work in my opinion.

Not all GP practices offer the facility of online registration for investigations.

Cant see the problem.
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Ooops, sorry 237SJ, I did appreciate your contribution, thanks.
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Sqad, I think the crux is "reputable" here. But your remark re the future is encouraging otherwise.
That's OK :)
Canary.....I bet the majority of tests end up in a NHS lab under a private contract.,,,,;-)
Online blood testing is no problem, it's the interpretation of the reults that require a medically qualified person.
Even if the results of an online blood test are, in terms of the figures alone, 100% accurate, might there not be a possible problem with the way that they're interpreted by an independent lab?

For example, my 'Which?' link above shows that a PSA-testing service is classifying some results as 'normal' that would probably at least be classed as 'requiring investigation' by the NHS.

Further, as far as I can see, each test only looks at a specific result, rather than at any trend across the results of successive tests. For example, I've got incurable prostate cancer and therefore get tested for my PSA level periodically. I suspect that, when the consultant sees that my PSA is rising, he'll be looking to see whether it's just creeping up very slowly or rising dramatically. No individual test could show that.
^^^ Crossed posts!
Buenchico......have our crossed posts sorted out the queries?

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