Anyone On Here Recommend A Genuinely Good Psychic?

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Theblip | 11:05 Wed 25th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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I know psychics / fortune tellers are not for everyone, but can anyone on here recommend a genuinely good psychic in the UK?


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I'm Psychic ,
Every time i fill in a lottery slip i come out of the shop and say to myself , I bet I've picked all the wrong numbers and guess what , I'm always right
I am psychic too - bought two lottery tickets yesterday - the first in a very long time. My heart started beating as I scraped with a 10p which wasn't sharp enough. Used twenty pence - the heart kept skipping a beat. And I won. £2.
if there was a genuinely good psychic they would have posted an answer before you asked the question
Many years ago I went to a lady in a caravan - she literally smoked me out - I sure have caught some serious disease with the smoking she did. Chained smoked - probably hoping with her coughing she couldn't tell me any more lies.
The British Society of Psychics annual convention had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances!
genuinely & psychic don't fit in the same sentence!
a story I've told before (I hope I'm remembering the details correctly, it was at least 30 years ago):

I once visited an osteopath while I was abroad - a total stranger. While I was waiting she asked her friend to have a look at me. He was an old man who sat and held my pulse for 4 or 5 minutes. Then he told me three things: I was having trouble concentrating; I'd had a traffic accident; I'd had difficulty with the anaesthetic during an operation.

The first was wrong. The other two were correct. Not bad for the friend of a stranger who did nothing more than take my pulse.

He made no claim to be a psychic - he was a jazz musician. But I'm in no rush to dismiss people who can sense things I can't understand or explain.
I predict there will be at least two anti-Boris threads on AB tomorrow. If it happens, please cross my palm with silver and I'll be happy to help. You're welcome.
There are not any, unfortunately. By sheer numbers, some will be able to tell you a strange experience with one, but most translate themselves to what they want.
Whatever it is you want to ask, you need someone else.
crikey Yipes I predict that Boris will come out with a new way of relieving peoples heating bills....

psychic a fren went to - said my father was mill owner from oop north. Actually he was an ex diamond miner from Sarf Efrica.
you can ask us
we give pretty random answers
Might as well... everyone can cold read to some degree.
msytic meg here
You are anxious and you need an answer to a pressing problem. Friends advice has not worked - and you wonder if anyone is your friend. The runes have been cast....
ring my number 0-800-MYSTIC.... local charges apply
crikey Yipes I predict that Boris will come out with a new way of relieving peoples heating bills....

how right I was

you can send your fees to me please

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Anyone On Here Recommend A Genuinely Good Psychic?

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