Has Anyone Had A Knee Replacement Op.

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emmie | 06:57 Thu 26th May 2022 | Body & Soul
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If so was it successful, how long did it take for your recovery, and any info you can give me, as i may well be having it done later this year.


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I have a CT scan penciled in for tomorrow, even though i have already had an MRI scan and a X Ray. So unless they are proposing to do this op sooner than later, not sure why it's necessary.

My friend had a knee replacement. He was back playing golf, walking, in 4 months. He now plays at least twice per week. He just followed the recovery procedures (he says!) and was back on track in 4 months.
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that's encouraging thanks.
An old mate of mine, 76 years old, had a knee replacement.
He has the scars to prove it.

Up and about causing grief for everyone he knows within 4-5 weeks.
Wish his recovery took longer ;-/
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1ozzy, that's quick, when i spoke with the consultant he said anywhere up to six months recovery time. Which seems a long time to be stuck at home.
My ex had both done ( 18 months between ops) while we were together, needed to be pushed a bit to do the exercises because they hurt a bit at the time but after a couple of months she was off her sticks and walking without pain for the first time in years. After three months she could cycle again. It's been nearly 20 years and she is going to need them replaced again but that was because she was only in her 50s when she had the initial one,which is early for first ops. And she has been pretty active.
Guess it depends on post operative exercise, attitude, and level of fitness pre-op.
I was a tad amazed as to how quickly he returned to being a pain in the proverbial.
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thanks Margo, will read that in a little while.
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rowan, interesting, i hope that if i have this done, i won't need another, however the consultant said my right knee is as bad as the problematic left knee. which came as something of a shock, including the fact i have arthritis in both hips. I appear to be falling apart at the seams.
I have several friends and acquaintances who have had this op. The thing that soon became clear is those that religiously did their rehab exercises are as good as new, those that didn't still have some difficulties and one who practically ignored them might as well not have had the op.

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i haven't had any info on the op, only that it would be my only option, so i am somewhat in the dark, but all info gratefully received and yes i can imagine that if one does the exercises then recovery would be easier.
It's up to you Em as to how successful the op is and how quick you recover.
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i know 1ozzy, i guess i am after some reassurance that it won't be as bad as i fear. My main concern is getting up the stairs at home, that is going to be problematic.
A knee replacement is not a "walk in the park" and recovery varies from person to person. I would agree with your Consultant, bank on 6 months recovery.

A hip replacement is much less traumatic to the patient than a knee replacement as the hip is a simple joint and the knee a complex one.

No I haven't had a knee replacement.
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thank you Sqad, i was informed of that fact by the musculo/skeletal
consultant and not by the trauma surgeon i saw. His interview with me was pretty brief, and didn't once outline the problems, drawbacks to having surgery, just a stark interview telling me that no point in having anything other than a full replacement, which does seem pretty severe.
MIL had a knee replacement and was up and about and her normal 'helpful' self in a matter of weeks - back to normal by week 12
A lot also depends on your mental attitude, the rehab requires effort, it's definitely a case of if you do the post up exercises religiously.... Initially it's oh God that's sore, eventually it's oh God I am bored with this, you get the best results.
hi, i have had both knees done. My understanding is that if your hip needs doing as well, they prefer to do that first, so it sounds like your hip isnt as bad.
my forst one was more successful than the second one.
I have NEVER been able to kneel post-op, but i dont think that's too unusual. For both of them, immediate recovery was quite short - days before i could go on outdoor walks, six weeks till i could drive,
six months before it felt "normal" ie that i didnt have someone else's leg attached to me! climbing stairs was almost immediately easier than pre op.
the second knee has much less flex in it. I was offered serial casting, in order to increase the straightness my leg could do. I declined because at the time i had had 2 babies, 1 hip replacement and 2 knee replacements within about 18 months and i was utterly fed up of seeing the hospital and couldnt bear the thought of going there every week. My knee was 85% better than pre-op, and i could live with the loss of movement in it
Have the knee replacement
yes successful in around 80% - which is lower than hip ( gtr than 95% say 'life changing' - knee is lower. around 70% with an extra ten saying improved)

very good for pain and not so good for mobility

and you are crazy once listed to turn it down

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