What's It Called When Girls Push Their Sleeves Just Before There Elbow Called

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Gary335 | 15:36 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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Why do young girls teenag push their sleeves to elbow when wearing hoodie jumper or sweatshirt I see it all the time when I am out and about and if you do it why and if you see girls doing why you think thanks....


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I’m ready to do battle ?
They're showing you their moles.
^^^ pmsl @Ken
Boys do it as well. Quite often it's because they think they look 'cool'
I did it when I was at school and still do it now a lot.
Just don't like long sleeves around my wrists.
It does not "mean" anything.
Although when I was in school it was frowned upon. One teacher said it looked as if I was going to do the washing up. Told to pull sleeves down.
it's called my hoodie is too big arms are too hot
All their friends are probably doing it, too...must be the "in" thing.
Similarly, teenage boys wear their thick hoodies with hoods up (of course) in Summer when it's 28 degrees C.
Hoodies; it started out copying boxers who had a hood put over their head when they went to the corner between rounds. They were often black, and were strong, aggressive and admired. What's not to admire?
I can remember in the sixties when boys and girls would stand up the collar on their shirts or blouses and push up their sleeves.
Remember Grease?
I do it and I'm nearly 75. I am not comfortable with long sleeves. It's automatic for me to push my sleeves up. And yes I wear hoodies too! But not with the hoods up. I don't do it for fashion purposes.
Just when you're out mugging, Pat :-))
Oh, I see Gill does it too. I also really hate wearing socks unless I really have too. I don't like my feet covered.
Of course Ken! LOL.
Just realised, I am sitting here in my hoody dressing gown with the sleeves pushed up!
Well I will join the queue and I am 81 and always push my sleeves up to elbow .Always have always will .

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What's It Called When Girls Push Their Sleeves Just Before There Elbow Called

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