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Stargazer | 16:23 Thu 20th Jan 2022 | Body & Soul
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why I often find I am unable to start to urinate. I need to go obviously or I would not be sitting on the seat but sometimes I have to actually give up trying. And even when it does start to flow, it will stop mid flow without me trying to stop and this can happen several times. Is there a cause? I know that this can be a male problem but is there any reason to be cooncerned?


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How old are you?
Prostate ?
Large bladder stone ?
Small kidney stones passing through uretha?
Question Author
I am in my 79th year and not likely to be stones as there is no pain accompanying my peeing.
Ask your GP for a PSA check in that case
one of the signs of needing a prostate check (for prostate cancer and other things) on a poster I seen in the toilet's at work this week
See GP. ? prostate
I think that Stargazer is a lady.

Sticky bottle........the OPer is FEMALE.

There could be many causes but bladder neck disorders or psychological problems are the commonest.
If it is just a nuisance and doesn't really bother you, then just live with it.
If it affects your life to a negative degree, then see your GP.

Stones in the urinary tract are unusual in your case and description of symptoms
I think that Stargazer is a lady.

Indeed !
Ignore previous answer !
Still requires investigation though
Sticky bottle........the OPer is FEMALE.

Message received and understood boss ! Lol
just cus they say they a female on the profile doesnt mean they are and they should be able to get advice still for a male maybe asking for husband so yes for a male or a female is this for? big deal, you could still suggest a P.S A......-;)
Sqad big deal, you could still suggest a P.S A......-;)
But I thought you require a prostate for a PSA test ? ?
You do Sticky -;) but as PP would say........."this is AB".
Lol !

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