There Is Paranormal Activity Happening In The House?

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Taalemsurt | 18:44 Mon 29th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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HI today I was eating and the ketchup bottle just rotated and made weird noise without anyone touching it .

I must note that I was active with doing black magic also buyed magic amulets that Iam wearing now .

Does that mean that I invited spirits in the house ? And that hat to do next ?


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Well, according to "Paranormal Caught on Camera", you may have done. Got any paranormal investigators in your part of the world?
In the meantime, stay alert to odd things happening and keep a record.
There will be a less supernatural explanation for your ketchup bottle moving - water trapped underneath, for example...

You need to stop practising any sort of black magic - not because it is real but because *you* believe it is having a negative impact of your life.
Look into 'white' magic if you think your life needs improving....
no, I can guarantee that it isn't.

From a tea-potergeist?
What a twonk.
There's nothing quite like having a clear view of a ketchup bottle slowly rotating.

Heinz sight is a wonderful thing.
No you haven't. You need different help, do you have anyone to talk to?
Question Author
Secretly you all belief me and denie it lol
It's no secret, what we 'belief'.
did you plant those beans you swapped for the cow?
Well, a rotating ketchup bottle isn't much to go on. Come back when its flying across the room and hits you between the eyes. You'll have more concrete evidence then.
I don't know who this is, but be careful please... he needs help not from here x
It's hard sometimes pixie.
Question Author
Your not a doctor so stop saying I need help you don't even know me you where not there when it happened and you don't practice magic so stop talking nonsense
Cross-posted with you actually, pasta. And yes, I know :-). Not judging, just being cautious :-)
Who isn't a doctor? And how do you know?
Question Author
Even if you are a doctor you need to see m to judge and look in my life which is stable I have work house and a girlfriend and can manage my life good so I don't need help from anyone and specially not gonna follow advise from som on on the answer bank
Then why post?

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There Is Paranormal Activity Happening In The House?

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