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jennyjoan | 15:24 Mon 29th Nov 2021 | Body & Soul
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I was due to receive another kind of high blood pressure pill last week and receptionist said she would go to the doctor and get them changed.

I have gone down to Boots and they hadn't got them. So contacted surgery and the receptionist said - oh there's a note - the doctor said she didn't want to change them until you got your pressure done again. So I said well I am at the surgery tomorrow for Covid booster, could you do the pressure there. No - you need to get it done at the pharmacy.

Now I'm not too sure whether my Boots will do that or not. As Victor Meldrew would say "I don't believe it". Couldn't they have contacted me to let me know regarding this. Anyway would the pharmacist do it. Thanks


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I am just looking at blood pressure taken on 18 Oct at eye screening. Would that suffice. I could contact surgery again.
Yes, a pharmacist will do it
Depends on the pharmacy
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As I said will that last pressure taken at eye screen be good enough.
If it was me I'd get it done again
//Pharmacists will find and offer blood pressure tests to people showing symptoms, provide clinical and lifestyle advice or referral, and record the data, joining up services and treatment with GPs and other local services, to speed up access to care.24 Aug 2021//
Yes, of course, send the Eye Screening result.
JJ don't you have your own BP monitor?
sorry sqad, I bow to your superior knowledge!
Don't be sorry ellie...nothing to do with knowledge, just seems common sense -;)
A lot can change in 6 weeks though
So you're saying I don't have any common sense, sqad :-)
Your GP should have a copy of the blood pressure test taken at your eye screening - it would seem he wants a more recent one.
Best check with your surgery you go, plenty of advice....-;)
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On ipad. Boots machine broke had to another chemist new reading. Blood pressure down
That's good, jenny

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