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Truth stranger than fiction.

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Chessman | 21:03 Sun 11th Dec 2005 | Body & Soul
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I wasn't sure which category to put this in, so I plumbed for this one.

We've all heard of that young lady who had a face transplant. Many years ago, I read a Science Fiction novel about a body transplant, basically, two ladies were killed accidentally, and they transplanted the head of one, onto the body of the other, successfully.

There were legal repercussions, as they had both been married, but leaving all that aside, do you think its a possibility sometime in the forseeable future?.



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Dunno- but if it is....can I have Angelina Jolie's body? oh and I'll have the face as well please :-)

The two would have to be a complete match. Transplants of organs are successful nowadays, so I reckon that with medical technology (if that's the phrase) improving the way it is this could be possible in the future.

How chilling...

Apparently (according to the Sunday Times) this is possible and has been trialed successfully with monkeys.

Re the legal repercussions being that they were both married. I presume this is hinting that their husbands were not too happy about it.

They would of had to give their permission in the first place.

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Thats true, but as the story went, each husband claimed the woman was his wife, the body and the face were a hundred time better than the previous one, went to court, and the face won, because it also had the brains of the previous owner, or, if you like, still had her own brains.

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