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jennyjoan | 05:00 Tue 24th Aug 2021 | Body & Soul
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I have just wakened up with horrific pain in my left knee that it woke me out of my sleep. I screamed quite quietly because of my neighbours and limped downstairs to find if I had anything to put on it and I found this blue cream (at this time of morning) can't remember what it is called. I have put a "knee bandage" around it altho it is probably from another injury and it is somewhat loose.

Many years ago when I had a pain in my arm I had a great GP who gave me gabapentin and it was fabulous. I dont know what to do? Like email her or what - this is the 4 th time this month I have woke up screaming. with the knee. hoping this stuff will give me some ease until morning - opps this is morning.


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sorry to hear you are in pain JJ, i know exactly what you mean, as i have osteo arthritis in both knees and at time it makes me feel like crying out. Can you phone the surgery when they open and ask for a prescription for the gabapentin.
do you have anything like voltarol which is supposed to be good, contains amongst other things ibuprofen, if not then the doctor is your next option.
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good morning Emmie - I don't do phone consultations (deaf) but will try and see if the practtioner can contact the doctor for me via email. You know - dont they want to see you and they don't want to see you from the Covid aspect. I have taken more painkillers but sure you know anything over the counter never works for me.

I'm off Emmie to try to get some sleep and see you soon.
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I had a wee taste of voltarol funny enough last week but used it up with shoulder pain. Must buy some tomorrow.
take care JJ, see if you can get some sleep, it does help...
yes the voltarol should help, try and get out to buy some, sorry you are in so much pain, its awful i know.
What’s gabapentin? A painkiller?
Sorry you’re in so much pain Jj x

Gabapentin is used to treat epilepsy. It's also taken for nerve pain. Nerve pain can be caused by different illnesses, including diabetes and shingles, or it can happen after an injury. Occasionally, gabapentin is used to treat migraine headaches.
so JJ has taken it for nerve pain presumably, i tried taking it once and it made the room spin round, i ended up in hospital....
Ohhhhh I never knew that.
you can as far as i know only get it on prescription, JJ has had it for the pain she is in.
Gabapentin is safe for most people, it is prescribed for children. I took it for trigeminal neuralgia but it didn't work for me and was then prescribed Carbamazepine (Tegratol) which was much better.

Email your GP practice, JJ
Volcanology doesn't contain Ibuprofen, it is similar but different.
Gabapentin would be totally inappropriate for your knee pain.
Take Paracetamol or Ibuprofen and monitor the situation.
No need to contact your GP at this point.
Votarol. Not volcanology.
Boots and Tesco sell their own brand gel which does have ibuprofen and is much cheaper than Voltarol
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sqad - I have been taken paracetamol all night and this pain is still excruciating - and I have emailed my doctor - I'll take a chance on what they say. don't care what anybody says - over the counter is no good - it takes prescription medication.

///sqad - I have been taken paracetamol all night and this pain is still excruciating - and I have emailed my doctor ////

Your description of your pain has changed as you said initially that you woke up with it but now you are saying that youhad it all night.
Makes advice difficult.
I have taken Naproxen and Cocodamol for similar pain. But really, applying an ice pack, massaging the surrounding muscles in case it has become tight, and using Voltarol or another topical treatment has pretty much the same affect.

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