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bakerwales | 08:40 Tue 24th Aug 2021 | Body & Soul
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I have been informed that I have been in contact in the last week with someone who has tested positive for Covid. They inform we it was with a person in England?? How I asked when I have not been out for nearly 2 weeks, nither has my husband and we have had no visitors and I live in rural Wales?? I have had both jabs and just to be sure I have ordered a PCR test on-line. If the test is negetative will it be ok to go to town later in the week to visit the Library?? I am sure it is error but they say they were informed by NHS England. The rules say that if you have had both jabs etc you do not have to isolate (got this on-line) but the person from Track and Trace never mentioned this. Worried now-how can they make such a mess - I am not even registared with Track and Trace for England or Wales!!


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I think the rules for Track and Trace are different from those for the covid app. If you are "pinged" by the app then you don't have to self-isolate but are advised to take a PCR test.
Did they call you? Did they have your details, or did they ask you your name and NHS number? Could it have been a wrong number? If in doubt perhaps ring your GP?
delete the app, turn it off, it serves no purpose. We have the vaccination program so we don't need all that BS.
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I do not have the covid app but received a text and then a phone call - they asked me for my name and address but for no other info except were there any other members of the household. This is all strange as
i never give out my tel number except to GP/Hospital/Friends etc.
sounds like a scam.
You don't need to isolate whilst you wait for your PCR results. See here from .gov (unless Scotland has different rules)
It sounds like a mistake.

The Track and Trace has cost £millions and has been junk from day one. It was never world beating just costly and useless.
it doesnt matter if you are registered or not if someone puts your phone number or email into the system when they are tested positive then you will also be contacted i dont know how you order a PCR online but you must go to a center you dont do it yourself if its negative then i dont see a need to isolate if you have any symptoms then make sure to isolate
baker it sounds dodgy to me -they should not be asking you for your name and address. Ignore it.
no they wont ring you thats very odd
It sounds like an administrative " cock up."
You and your husband are double jabbed, you have been in visual self imposed isolation for at least afew weeks, so inmy opinion, forget your message and toddle off to the library.
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My GP surgery has just rung and said they had received notification about the close contact-I explained that I had'nt been anywhere for 2 weeks never mind to England! She said to do the PCR test which is arriving this afternoon and to carry on as normal (wearing a mask). Why do governments make things so complicated?
If you have not been out and have not provided your details to anybody in the last two weeks it is either a scam or a mistake.

//The Track and Trace has cost £millions and has been junk from day one.//

Half right. It has actually cost £billions - £37bn has been allocated to its budget for two years and it spent £22bn of that in the first year. To give you some idea of how much £37bn is, it is more than that planned for housing and the environment (£33bn). It is almost as much as the budget for personal social services (£40bn), not far off that for transport (£51bn), public order and safety (£41bn), more than half the defence budget (£60bn). It is not quite as much as the cost of servicing the nation's debt (£45bn).

It is probably the largest single waste of money of all the wastage that has been lavished on tackling the pandemic.
imagine spending 37 billion on an app when some nerdy 16 year old could have made it for free in his bedroom the gov are actually so dumb its a *** app
imagine what could be done with 37 billion

Bezos went to space for 5.5 billon the uk gov spend 7 times that on a APP *Titterfarkle* oh my days
What The Funicular i never wrote that?
i think ab has replacement strings for certain acronyms
"£37bn has been allocated to its budget for two years and it spent £22bn of that in the first year."

You're half right. 

'How much has Test and Trace cost so far?

£37 billion was budgeted for NHS Test and Trace (sometimes incorrectly referred to as Track and Trace) in its first two years. That amount hasn’t been spent yet.

NHS Test and Trace spent £13.5 billion up to April 2021, and its budget for that year was £22.2 billion.

According to a National Audit Office report on its progress, this £8.7 billion underspend was primarily due to the fact that “the high level of demand for testing forecast for January and February 2021 did not materialise, in part due to national lockdown measures.”

NHS Test and Trace is not just the NHS Covid-19 app. It also covers testing services, ‘contain’ activities’ (including identifying local outbreaks and supporting local responses to the pandemic), and tracing services.'
Thank NJ
Millions was a typo, I knew it was £Billions.

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