Bite Lumps On Feet, Lower Leg

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emmie | 06:12 Sun 25th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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possibly mozzies, is there anything i can take, use, to ease the itching.


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Lots of suggestions ....sorry, emmie, I got waylaid ....I've always used lavender oil, but tea tree would be good, and I'll bear the lemon in mind as well.

Bites always arrive when you've not got anything on hand. Good luck with whatever you use. Xx
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cheers for the help steff, guys, useful to know this kind of thing.
Of course it does Emmie but the vast majority of us had a winter (2019/2020), followed by a lockdown, followed by another winter and another lockdown. Virtually no one got enough exposure to the sun to get any meaningful amount of Vitamin D except for outdoor keyworkers...

I never put much stock in it myself until I started working for two Immunologists. Virtually all their patients, regardless of what conditions or symptoms they present with, are Vitamin D deplete. Practically all of them see a resolution of symptoms when their levels are replaced.

A lot of my chronic problems (IBS, insomnia, fatigue, low mood, etc.) are now gone since I started taking it.

I was told (by one of the aforementioned Immunologists) to take Vitamin D and calcium to repair the scarring in my lungs following my pneumonia and it seems to have done the trick according to my repeat CXR and follow-up with the Respiratory Physician.
I seem to attract mozzies but this always works for me to stop the itching . Put a spoon in hot water and hold the spoon (as hot as you can bear) against the bite. It is a remedy that you can use when you haven't got any ointments etc.
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luckily i had a burst of it last year where i was at my brothers sun trap home for 10 days, and made the most of the nice weather too this year, but will speak with GP who is due to phone me.
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i will def speak with GP and get him to prescribe it for me.
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thanks pooka, that's interesting will give that a go today
emmie, you can buy Vit D over the counter - I do because I can't tolerate being in the sun and have to keep covered up and use factor 50 when I have to be out in it.
These are the ones I buy User Recommendation

It costs the NHS a lot more than that to prescribe it.
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doctor actually asked me if i wanted some to help with various problems, so will ask him first...
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the reason being i don't want to take stuff unnecessarily, he did suggest it however...
emmie, ask him by all means if you can take Vit D but £6.50 for a year's supply won't break the bank :)
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i thought that was a months supply, thanks for the tip....
I second some of the other answers. You can buy vitamin D tablets from any supermarket - along with tubes of antihistamine cream. The itching will have stopped long before the doctor calls you on Thursday.
^Less of a burden on the NHS too.
The NHS stopped prescribing vitamins you can buy OTC years ago unless there are exceptional circumstances.
barry, I didn't know that - but I'm pleased to hear it.
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i wonder why then did he suggest prescribing VIT D - this was a month or so ago. I am wary of taking anything at all, but needs must, anti depressants, BP meds etc, i now take.
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i will pop into Boots and pick some up, on the way to the local to meet up with a friend, who incidentally is a senior nurse....
Perhaps he was suggesting you buy some.
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no he specifically said he would prescribe it for me.... no worries will buy some later today.

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Bite Lumps On Feet, Lower Leg

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