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Vagus | 20:56 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Body & Soul
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Have taken delivery of the ones you recommended, today, and we’ve both taken one after our evening meal.
Trouble is, we’ve sat in the garden all afternoon imbibing a fair few G&Ts so tonight isn’t necessarily the best time to give them a fair trial.
Anyhow, thanks for the recommendation, probably tomorrow night will be a better time to assess their usefulness ;)


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I'm curious...are they working?
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Quite honestly pasta it’s hard to tell.
If they are helping, it’s not in any significant way. The nights have been so very hot and uncomfortable that we’ve both been very restless and wakeful, as so many people have.
The only thing I’ve noticed, myself, is that I fall asleep a little easier than I usually do. Now, whether that’s due to being very tired going to bed, due to lack of sleep during the previous night, or because of these pills, I really can’t say.
We’re both sticking with them to give it a good go, so we shall see.
Yes I find I fall asleep more quickly and if I do wake go back to sleep more quickly than previously. The hot nights do make a difference
What 'stuff' is this?
I think this is the one Calmck recommended. User Recommendation
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Advanced Neuro Night Complex.
Contains, among other things, montmorency cherry which is a source of melatonin, said to aid sleep.
Available on amazon.
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That’s the stuff mamy.
The butler just brought me tea and a scone so I was a tad slow to reply ;)

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Calmck Sleepy Stuff

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