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Brightmoons | 00:57 Wed 23rd Jun 2021 | Body & Soul
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This communication is being written mainly with the intention that someone else will use it to help me find assistance that I desperately need. I believe I most need a compatible citizenship and advice. I also seek some privacy so I strongly prefer to not reveal my identity to people who might be adverse or just uninterested in the matter. In my opinion my situation is very poor and getting worse. Finances are a major problem as I am and have been broke for a very long time, although I am distantly related to some rather wealthy people and I have no remotely close living relatives, with the possible exception of a half sister in France I have never had any contact with and learned of late in my life. Someone other than me could assist possibly for a contingency fee to represent me to my relatives and others with the hope they might help, which I think is a real possibility. I was born and raised in the USA, a country I have very bad feelings toward largely due to medical treatment and related laws I have encountered there. I have experienced and witnessed other very bad things which make me unwilling to be there. I believe I have been swindled out of over a million dollars in the USA and over a lesser but significant amount in Canada. As far as I am concerned, white privilege may exist for some people, but it hasn't for me. I feel gender and race discrimination because I am a white male of Western European ancestry.

A very long time ago I fled the USA because I desperately needed some work on my teeth but could not get it because the newer dentists refused. Mexican dentists were the same. My request was not difficult. I wanted fillings placed with the use of a very slow drill under 5000 rpm, without anesthetic, without x-rays and using a plastic filling material, not metal. I found a dentist in Toronto, Canada willing to do what I requested. The dentist was also a homeopath and also Jewish. He died of cancer a few years afterward and I found a dentist in Toronto who was willing to do what my previous Toronto dentist had done and was willing to do more, unlike the other dentist. He is of Chinese ancestry. Very old dentists in my youth told me that type of thing could be done. I have read in various books that to fill a tooth with a root abscess will not work but I have experienced that it does in me. I used some antibiotic for a brief time in conjunction with that. More recently a great new over the counter toothpaste allows me to avoid dentists, which is my strong preference. However, repair of some damage done by dentists might be desirable, perhaps in India where "street dentists" are legally permitted to practice. I rather strongly prefer to be outside North America, and if I ever again am outside this place I often think of as a hell hole, I will never willingly return. Due to man's inhumanity to man, I doubt I'll ever escape.

As I see it, I need citizenship or at least some right to live in a place that has an absolute right to refuse any or all medical and similar (such as dental) treatment on any basis. I have experienced and witnessed many horrific and sometimes needlessly lethal activities of health care encounters. Concerning science, especially medically oriented science, the cliche "figures don't lie but liars sure know how to figure" certainly applies. As far as I am concerned, the person who is being worked on should have the clear legal right to mandate what treatment he or she receives, rather than giving academic Ivory Tower Tyrants the power to rule over the treatment of people. I believe classical skepticism along the lines of Pyrrho of Elis ancient Greece, is needed as the basis of all knowledge and truth.

I seek an ability to refuse any and all health practices that I consider in conflict with my beliefs, philosophy, and anything else that I deem important. I also desire to get treatment that may not be in accordance with medical or scientific dogma, some of which such dogma I consider horrifying.


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To be continued? What's your actual question please ?
oh dear!
Yep, you definitely ned help, of some sort.
Do you feel better for getting that off your chest?
It can be a cruel world.
I hope someone can point you in the right direction.
where are you now?
what citizenship do you currently hold?
do you have a preference of where you'd like to be?
"I seek an ability to refuse any and all health practices that I consider in conflict with my beliefs, philosophy, and anything else that I deem important."

No one can force you to have medical treatment. Just ignore doctors and let nature take its course.
I'm trying to work out where you live. It is not very clear.
If you have a half-sister in France you may be able to acquire residency there, but they are not very liberal about alternative health treatments - e.g. no one but a qualified phsio. may offer massage. (Gendarmes raided a lady I knew who set up as an alternative therapist and whisked her off to gaol!)

I can't think of anywhere that would comply with your beliefs as mainstream, state-funded healthcare sorry. You would have to pay for your 'alternative' treatments.
and youd have to find someone (probbaly dodgy!) to do them.
Certainly in the western world, i don't know that there are many reputable doctors who would give you (say) a heart transplant just because you requested it and had the money
go south
mexico will welcome you wont it?

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