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ladyalex | 11:55 Sun 18th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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Hello. I could do with some advice today.

12 days ago I had what my dentist described as a "difficult extraction" of a lower molar that had previously had root canal work done on it.
Before the extraction he had prescribed me metronidazole (?) As he thought that there was infection present. Unfortunately I could,not take the full course as it gave me stomach pains and generally made me feel washed out and unwell. I told the surgery I had stopped the antibiotics and they said just to come for the extraction.
Unfortunately after the extraction I got a dry socket plus an infection. (Not sure if dry socket implies infection.) So, got another course of antibiotics, erythromycin and suffered a world of pain for the next few days. Had 2 further visits to the dentist when they irrigated the socket and packed it with a dressing . This gave me relief from the pain for a few hours, but I was still downing as many paracetamol and ibuprofen as I was allowed.
The pain is now significantly less, but I still need painkillers. Also and this is the bit that is worrying me, when I look in my mouth I can see a red blobby bit under my tongue on the same side as the tooth was on. Is this just a lymph gland ? Should I be concerned that I still have some infection ? Or worse ?


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I had similar - had to go back to the dentist twice & spent 3 weeks on 2 different antibiotics (not sure of the names).
The "red bloody bit" could either be a lymph gland as you have suggested and from that description I cannot comment further.
It is not "something worse."
No you shouldn't be concerned.
Monitor the situation and the "bloody bit" may burst.
Bloody should read "blobby "............-;)
An infected extraction can sometimes turn into a dry socket for many reasons it is extremely painful and is treated with irrigating socket and an alvogyl dressing plus further antibiotic script. Sometimes 2 scripts needed and you have received textbook treatment including metronidazole which is drug of choice but does make some people experience nausea etc. Erythromycin also correctly prescribed for you . Please finish all courses and if doesn't completey settle request repeat erythromycin script. The lump under tongue sounds like maybe a blocked or inflamed salivary duct ..obvs difficult to tell without visual. Could also be trauma sustained by extraction which is also common. Know this will have been very painful couple of weeks but you should start to settle soon . Clot in socket needs to bond . so warm gentle saltwater mouthwash twice a day. You should see improvement soon. Your surgery seems to have done everything textbook so ring if need reassuring. Good luck feel better.
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Thanks to everyone.
Dental nurse....I hope my post did not imply that I thought that my treatment had been substandard...I do not think that . I was just unsure as to the next step.
Considering what all of you say, I think if I am still in pain this evening and overnight, I will contact the dentist again tomorrow morning to see when he can see me.
Thanks to you all for your reassurance and I can honestly say I hope nobody ever has to go through what I have had over the last 12 days. Hellish barely gets close to it.
Hi there yes just ring tomorrow if no improvement uou just may need another script to see infection off. I know a difficult exo with following infection and dry socket is excruciating and affects your whole well being on top of horrible pain . It will settle. sending hug and sympathy.
Feel better soon Milady, nasty experience for you.
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Thanks, folks. It has been dreadful and yes, I do feel generally unwell. Knackered and a bit sweaty. So maybe another antibiotic will do the trick. Jolly well hope so. At least the pain has gone from intolerable to sore.
Whine, whine, whine. Will give myself a shake when I can.
I'll make some of my beef tea and pobs.
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Thanks mama...I can always rely on you to make me feel better.....or at the very least to smile.

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^^ Mamya..

See what I have come to ?
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Hello again folks

Just to let you know that I have been back to the dentist this morning and been prescribed antibiotics again. Amoxcil this time 500mgs 3 times a day so I am hoping everything will settle very soon.
He was very disinterested in the red blobby thing at the root of my tongue. I actually had to ask him twice to look at it. He then said it was 'an inflamed gland, nothing to do with your tooth. '
Which begs the question what is it to do with ? But I did not get an answer to this, just a repeat 'nothing to do with your tooth.'
Any thought would be welcome, but I am hoping that the antibiotics will see this off as well as any remaining tooth/socket infection.
Thanks for listening folks.

He's wrong, it is an inflamed gland from your tooth.
It will all settle.
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To be honest, I thought that too, sqad. That's why I mentioned lymph gland in my original post.
But I have found that it is better not to argue with dentists.
I shall keep taking the tablets and hope this all becomes a bad dream very soon.
Thanks for getting back to me.
It is almost certainly a blocked salivary duct / gland should pop in few days and dissapear its very common we have salivary duct/ glands all over mouth. It should pop then reduce to nothing. Glad you got new script
hope fully now uou will start to feel better..dont forget the warm salt water mouthwash. Feel better !!
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Thanks for getting back to me dental nurse.
I certainly hope to feel better very soon. I am keeping up with the salt rinses.
As to the blocked salivary duct......I have never had this before and it seems awfully coincidental that it should occur at exactly the same time as I have a difficult extraction, a dry socket and an infection.
But who knows? And frankly as long as it all clears up I don't really care.
Thanks again.
: -))
Hi again ladyalex because you have saliva mixed with blood oozing from socket and irrigation very easy for a salivary gland to become blocked ... not to confused with lymph gland ... it should self absorb or 'pop'. Sometimes can be painful but in nearly all cases will resolve itself ..which is why clinician not worried . Much hugging
Dental nurse is describing what is known as a ranula which is a possibility, but no treatment is necessary as she has intimated.
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Just to let you know that my mouth is very slowly settling I think. Hardly needing any painkillers at all now.
But......I was refused my second Covid jag yesterday because I was in the midst of an infection.
I had phoned the Covid helpline to find out if I should make the trek into town to get the jab as I was taking antibiotics and I'm sorry to say, the words chocolate teapots come to mind. They clearly had no idea what to advise and eventually said I should go for the jag and the people there would 'keep me right'. In fairness this is exactly what happened, but I would have preferred not to get the soaking I got coming home after a 45 minute wait before being turned away. It was very wet in Dundee yesterday evening. Strip to the skin job once I got home.
And now I have the delight of trying to reschedule.


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