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smurfchops | 11:13 Wed 14th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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My brother has had new lenses into his frames, cost him £84. Is this the usual price? I don’t know if frames are more expensive than lenses or vice versa ... thanks all


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The cost of the lenses will be dictated by the lens type, the prescription, the material (plastics with a high refractive index are more expensive than glass ones) and any coatings. So there's no such thing as a usual price. Frames can range in price from a few quid up to hundreds for designer frames.
Frames can be a lot cheaper than that - and a lot more expensive - it depends on the vanity of the buyer - there is no usual price.

But £84 for lenses sounds very reasonable in my experience, I've never got away with less than £100.
Go to Asda Opticians which are Which recommended!
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Thanks everyone!
I had varifocals fitted into my own frames. It cost me £304.
My lenses are very complex and expensive, my wife's are straightforward and cheap.
I’ve just bought six new pairs of specs from Asda..two pairs of readers, and four pairs of varifocals..and it cost me £360.
Personally I wouldn’t go anywhere else.
"new lenses"...I wish my lenses were £84.
I have to have branded (Essilor Varilux) lenses as I just don't get on with even top-of-the-range ones offered by others...I've tried but without success. Nearly £400 last visit.
I go to Asda, one pair of varifocals, one pair of reading glasses, frames and lens £120. One pair for £80.
That’s how I bought six pairs for £360 roo.
I had a new pretty drastic change in my prescription, which I’d guessed I’d need, so decided to replace all my specs.
And I like buying specs, I treat them as a fashion accessory and like to have plenty of choice.

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Optician Charges

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