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barnaclebill58 | 10:43 Wed 14th Apr 2021 | Body & Soul
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Given the admittedly small issue with blood clots from the AZ and Janssen vector vaccines and the newness of MRNA vaccines , that leaves Novavax if it gets approved. That is a protein vaccine like hepatitis B -is anyone aware of sideeffects from those types of vaccines? My googling hasn't hit any.
Assuming there aren't and that Novavax gets approved, how would I get it rather than Pfizer, Modena or AZ (or Janssen if UK approved). I believe that at the moment unless you are Boris that you have no idea what you are going to get. It would be waste of everyone's time to book, turn up and then decline as it wasn't Novavax.


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The Novavax is nearer to the AZ and Janssen, in that all use Spike technology, although they are all slightly different.
This is what I read the other day,
All vaccines contain protein material.
All vaccines may have side effects.
My opinion is that the side effects have been understated.
It doesn't matter what vaccine is offered...take it.
Sqad do you mean understated? Do you mean they are WORSE than we are being told?
Woofy, I haven't made myself clear..........I 5hink that side effects are more common than have been reported.
I have seen 1:10 have had side effects, but anecdotally i believe that it is more like 1:5.
oh I get you....I thought you meant that DANGEROUS side effects were being under reported. I agree about the unpleasant but not dangerous side effects. I didn't yellow card mine because for me its par for the course. I won't say I expected a reaction, I certainly didn't talk myself into it but I wasn't surprised or worried either.
And I think sqad is saying all or most other vaccinnes have side effects
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No way will I have Pfizer, Modena , AZ or Janssen. I would only have Novavax if I'm satisfied that protein vaccines are safe. I'm quite prepared to wait for Valvena as that is inactivated which is very tried and tested. If I can't have what I feel safe with, I won't bother.
The only people for whom there is a higher risk of itu admission and death with severe clot from the vaccine than with covid because you didn't have it are the under thirties. For everyone else the protection of ANY vaccine is the safest
Your rationale makes no sense.
there is (currently) no way of being able to "choose" which vaccine you have and i can't see a time there will ever be a choice at patient level. There are ways of subtly influencing what vaccine you might get, but not at the individual level
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Rowanwitch -if Neil Astles the Solicitor who died from a blood clot after taking AZ hadn't taken it , he would still be here today. Denmark has just banned it completely according to Reuters.
Bednobs. Isn't that strange -the Government wants everyone to have the vaccine but you could end up in a situation where (say) 100 000 people say "No problem -I'll have Novavax" but the Government says "Oh no you can't choose" so 100 000 say "Forget it then "
I have a friend in Denmark. She is from the UK and very pro her adopted country and pro EU. Her current words on how the EU and Denmark are dealing with covid vaccination are not printable on this site and she says its a common view both among expats and natives.
Bill reuters haven't yet reported a ban and there will be a media announcement from denmark may be right but you are ahead of yourself.
It's not strange at all bill. Often the centrs don't know what stocks they are getting in advance and I guess that'll be even more true when different vaxes are available. The NHS would be completely unable to accommodate peoples choices. In addition as currently you have to have the same second dose unless you are in a trial it makes it even more complicated
You cite the death of one person.. Maybe up to around 30 in 30,000,000 . We don't even know yet if there needs to be other predisposing factors it maybe there will be something we can screen for. It's still far safer than risking the effects of the virus. The risks of a potentially dangerous allergic reaction to paracetamol doesn't stop people taking it because the risk is incredibly small, it exists but is statistically insignificant. I shouldn't think anyone even considers it.
Good for you bill. Who cares how supposedly small the number of deaths from blood clots is, if you are one of the dead, it was damn well important to them and their families. I had the Pfizer which I was relatively happy with, but if I'm not offered that for my second one, I won't be taking it, especially the AZ.
you will be offered it for your second. currently (until the results of the trial) people have to have the same second dose. bill its perfectly up to you if you have a vaccination or not, but you wont have a choice about which one

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Protein Vaccines Side Effect

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