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nail extensions

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aimeepearce | 00:30 Sun 04th Dec 2005 | Body & Soul
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I have recently got engaged and wanted to get some nail extensions so my nails look good when im showing off my new ring! I was jus wondering what is the best type to get and how long my own fingernails have to be before I can get them. Is there any that wont ruin my nails completely?

Cheers! xx



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Nail extensions look nice but they are high maintenance which works out to be quite expensive with infills and so on.They are the devil to remove when you want to grow your own nails again and you would have to have them removed at a salon.My niece had them done for a special occasion and they made her nails all flaky afterwards.In Boots or Superdrug they do stick on nails which last for ten days and you can get French manicure ones.They look good and I use them if I happen to break a fingernail on the odd occasion.
Or go to a reputable nail salon and ask their advice....

Good luck whatever you decide and congratulations on your engagement.

My advice would be DONT DO IT !! they look nice for a day then if you lose one or one pops off they look hideous,in a week you will look like a 'Chav',they will be sooo obviously fake they look awful, they starve your own nails of oxygen and will turn them black over time. Spend the �30 on a couple of manicures during the run up, and look after your hands, put cream on at night etc and invest in them rather than nasty fake bits of plastic!!

Good Luck XxX

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