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Bazile | 19:34 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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What's the scientific view regarding the new Variant / strain of the virus

Does the current vaccines give protection

If it doesn't , will all those who have been vaccinated already have to have have jabs again ( presumably after the vaccines have been tweaked )?


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Which new variant. There are many.
Did you watch Boris's address at 5pm.?, Chris Whitty answered this in depth ,too much for me to relay to you
You should have watched the briefing, it was very informative, the two experts explained it far better than I could.
Basically the jab gives protection against the new variety, but there’s more to it than that.
Well explained in the update today, it will be available to view on the Net.
Snap, Bobbi.
I don’t usually watch these briefings but tonight’s was very good, mainly because the two experts did most of the talking.
These experts get a lot of criticism on here for there doom and gloom but to me there really good at explaining things and give me great confidence in the scientists and they are realists and wont change what they say to suit politicians, an example being Patrick Vallances comment about Matt Hanccoks statement to airlines about the south African variant

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New Variant

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