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jennyjoan | 15:51 Fri 22nd Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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My cousin has had Covid and whilst she lives alone was able to self isolate completely. Anyway maybe 16 or 17 days have passed so when she would be "safe" either for me to visit her or her to visit me.

She has taken another 2 weeks off work cos that's where she got it. I'm unsure of the procedure.


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for you or her?
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you shouldnt be visiting unless shes in your bubble and/or your her carer. Even if your vaccinated thats still the case. There are no free passes yet
Does she still have any symptoms. If yes no visits yet
Are you in Northern Ireland or the republic?
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no none of us are vaccinated nor I am not her carer - just cousins.
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she has said her symptoms have lifted somewhat - she had been terribly fatigued but towards the end of the isolation - feels like a bit light headed but she thought that was coming from not getting any air.
From NI met police guidelines

Gatherings and mixing of households
Households are no longer allowed to mix indoors in private homes unless you’re bubbling with one other household.

You can form a bubble with only one other household. These two households can be any size, however gatherings indoors should be no more than six people. Children aged 12 and under from those two households are not counted in this total.

There are some exemptions, including for those with caring responsibilities and the movement of children between homes when their parents don’t live in the same household - see more about the exceptions.

Up to six people from no more than two households can meet in a private garden, but you should maintain social distancing.

If the gathering is with members of your bubble, then a maximum of 15 people from the two households can meet up outdoors in your garden. Children aged 12 and under from those two households are not counted in this total.

So seems you could meet in a garden which is more than in rest of UK isnt it? Or you could meet for exercise if you live close together
The rules and guidelines dont say anything about exceptions for people who've allready had it or else someone would open cafes etc for those eligable
then Bob is right - you shouldnt visit. NI rules are in place till 5th March
You could form a bubble if NI allows that with your cousin. But she and you could'nt then bubble with anyone else. Stay safe
Did you watch the briefing tonight Jenny. Weather weve had the virus or the vaccinnes we can still pass it on and must still follow guidelines
Its not safe, or permitted to visit anyone in their home.

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