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HFJL2020 | 13:04 Mon 18th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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found a website yesterday adverting silencil for tinnitus .anyone heard of it


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Just a hotchpotch of components, no scientific studies and not to be recommended .
Yes,I have heard of it.
If it worked your consultant or GP would recommend it. It doesn't work
Barry take it from me, many doctors across the globe have made money on treatments that don't work...-:)..
My repeated contribution to such debates is this.

An ENT consultant, looking into my tinnitus 20 years ago, suggested investigating my sinuses rather than my ears, and he was right. ‘Flixonase’, a powerful sinus clearer, worked wonders for me, reducing my tinnitus from a maddening 8 or 9/10 down to a manageable 2 or 3.

Only works where the sinuses are blocked and thus contributing to the imbalance, but worth bearing in mind.

Sqad will doubtless have a more expert view.

The only thing that helped my sister's was grommets. I know sqad (and pretty much all doctors) say it doesn't make sense.... but it was the only thing that worked for her, after many years.
When she perforated her eardrum, she got it back again, and that time had to wait 10 months to get someone to agree to try it again. And again, it was gone within 48 hours and hasn't returned.
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hello pixie where do u buy grommets.
Hi, you can't, you need to be referred by a GP.
HFGL......don't waste your time.

Pixie...if your sister had a perforated ear drum, how could putting a Gromit in, as all it does is to perforate an ear drum?

Abracadabra medicine.
It was 10 months later. Presumably, the perforation from swimming, wasn't controlled. You said this before- but it still worked for her... twice.

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