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Tinnitis Update. Thanks For Previous Replies.

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SparklyKid | 12:28 Mon 31st Dec 2018 | Body & Soul
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It will take a week or so to get my NHS one replaced.
Meanwhile this is an excellent product only £30.

Works extremely well and overrides whooshing sound.


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that's nice....thanks for sharing..x
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It has stopped me being quite distraught. My neighbour bought two for over £900 last year. He said they were no different to free NHS ones.

On the plus side the free batteries fit this one.
Glad it helps. Shows how much I know as I'm surprised a hearing aid counters the noises. Mind you, I don't get whooshing. More low level continuous tone.
Just find this post
I have had tinitus for about 20yrs, I doesn't get any worse as I get older.. I am 48

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Tinnitis Update. Thanks For Previous Replies.

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