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lady-janine | 09:25 Sun 17th Jan 2021 | Body & Soul
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Please be patient but :
1. Have any of you received either of the vaccines yet?.
2. Which one?
3. Have you had any side effects?

I am so concerned about the side effects but the medical profession seems only to do deal in platitudes and I would like to hear from people who have received vaccination.

Thank you.


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Please, just go ahead and get your vaccine.Don't worry yourself.....Most of the stuff we read is propaganda, designed to scare and cause doubt.
Hoping to get ours (and happy to) in the next wave of vaccinations.

And in other news, although the new Brazilian strain of the corona virus has sparked much tittering amongst those who associate the word with bikini lines, scientists have said the real obstacle to combating it will come from the antiwaxxers. (According to the DM.)
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gp has rung me and we discussed my fears and reaction to vaccines and he suggest that we leave it for a couple of weeks and see if any further news appears. I told him I was quite willing to have vaccine but would like to know a little more about side effects. Given my history he agreed and thought that would be practical. Much relieved now.
My daughter in law (a nurse) has had Phizer only said arm felt numb, I understand from her that if you have had covid the vaccine reacts and your immune system tries to counteract it so could be ill. Grandson in pharmacy at large hospital is 20 but gets his on Tuesday. Not sure myself as we don't have flu jab but take loads of vits
Good news LJ, just self isolate if you can, or if you have to go out keep a safe distance from anyone else, masked or not.
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thanks for that Jan1956.

Yes Tonyv he was reassuring and said that my history would give him cause to hesitate. I had thought I was just being stupid and so nice to know my concerns are real. I am always very careful when shopping and even wipe all shopping with bacterial wipes when I get home. I really don't want to be ill.

Hope Jen's toe help to heal being exposed to air. I know what I would have done but then as I can't see her toe I can't really comment on treatment. Good luck to both of you.
LJ I can understand your concerns about any side effects related to the vaccine and it would be helpful if there was a dedicated phone line where you could speak to someone about any concerns you have, but there doesn't seem to be one, well, I have never seen one .

I was told I might, might? be able to have one of he new ones as I couldn't have the original due to me having anaphylaxis in the past, but no-one has told me I can for sure.

I'm also trying to find out if I can have it because at the moment I'm having tests for my liver and most of my regular tablets have been stopped, but I can't speak to anyone about that either.

My GP and the consultants secretary have both said the same, I'll find out and get back to you, neither have.

Are you due to have yours soon?
Thanks LJ, will have to wait for nurses assessment tomorrow
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Barsel was scheduled for next week but left message with practice nurse about my concerns and she said to ring gp next week but to my surprise he rang me this am. Like you wish there was a dedicated number to call. I feel a bit ridiculous about my fears but my history is not good. I do feel more reassured now after his assessment.
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Tonyv - hope it all goes well.
I also wipe everything bought with antibacterial wipes, steam cleaning kitchen surfaces more regularly, anything that can help.
LJ I'm glad your GP has managed to put your mind at rest. Very dedicated phoning you on a Sunday.
I will try the consultants secretary aging tomorrow and also my GP as I know I'm on the next lot to be done so I will just keep mithering them until I feel it's safe to have it done.
Good luck, I hope you will be fine. x
aging?? should be again.
The worst reaction to a vaccine I've had was the Shingles on, my arm was Uber sore and totally black and blue , if I get a reaction for what seems to last a couple of days, that's a small price to pay for being lucky enough to get it, I'm told off my daughter , immunity doesn't kick in till 3 weeks after your jab , I guess that's to stop me going out to dance naked in the street after getting mine :0))))
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lol. Bobbi - That should help to keep you off the streets for a bit then.
Had the Pfizer one on Tuesday (am a front line hospital worker). Minimal soreness in the arm, some of my colleagues off work next day with 24 hour flu type symptoms. Working as I do in intensive care I would recommend anyone other than those with a history of severe allergic reactions to have it.
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Thank you for your assessment campbellking. I do feel better about my reluctance now.
Especially in the snow and ice we still have here , :0)
Your GP is working on a Sunday , Janie ?
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Must be Baz, at least in the morning. I was surprised as I was going to ring tomorrow. Doc who rang is the senior one so maybe they are taking it in turns. All the others look like you expect a doc to look but he wanders around in shorts and a t-shirt. Still as he's the boss. He is also our local bard.

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