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Is There Any Difference

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Stargazer | 20:56 Sat 21st Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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between a Christian and a "born again" Christian or are they both the same?


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Have you heard the good news?
I think the born sgains are adult converts who are converted by evangelical sects
I thought the born again ones were the irritating ones :-)
The born again consider themselves superior to all other Christians.
How do they stuff them back up there for the second go ?
Not sure if I like this born again . Just imagine Thatcher coming back, it sounds quite frightening.
what has that got to do with the question...^
We are born naturally, born again spiritually.
Theland; aren't we holy souls from the moment of conception? Don't we bear the guilt of original sin from the moment of conception? What does born again spiritually mean?
It will mean various things to different people, for a general outline including some of the major Religions.
'Born again Christians' are like everyone else - different. Some are enthusiastic happy clappy evangelists and join a 'modern', others are restrained traditionalists who worship at a CofE, RC, Metohodist, Baptist old-school church and many others are somewhere in the middle.

Some people who have been raised in the traditional church migrate to the 'new style' in later life but don't consider themselves 'born again'.

Christians come in many different flavours and all are individuals. Most are good people, a few are very good people and some aren't, same as any other section of society.

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Is There Any Difference

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