Spain Has Introduced A Regulation Requiring Those...

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sandyRoe | 20:23 Sat 21st Nov 2020 | Body & Soul
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...arriving by plane to have evidence of a negative PCR test taken in the previous 3 days.
How do I go about getting one?


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Have a look on the Spain tripadvisor forums, there is lots of useful information, it's not just Spain that requires these tests. I've been looking into it myself for a different destination. You cannot use the NHS, it must be private and it's not cheap. You can also search for PCR test in your area on google to see where you can get one done.
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OK. Thank you, Prudie.
Depends where you live and how much competition there is. They can be anything up to £185
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A local private hospital in Belfast is charging £199.
A tad expensive.
There are always people who will cash in.
Sandy, that's ridiculous.

There really ought to be and probably is a drive-through at your nearest large hospital ... and it's FREE ...

They say 48 hours for the results but invariably they're back the next day.
LCG - unfortunately, those tests are not recognised for travel
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There is a testing centre in Botanic Gardens, about half a mile away from me.
When they get the result of the test they probably send it to your GP. It would take a while to get back to me.
I'll have to bite the bullet and pay for the test.
Some branches of Boots do them for £120.
Are you off back to Spain for Christmas Sandy? Can't blame you. You never say whether you visit the trail, that was taken, when you are there. I often think of your walk, I know that you must.
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I'll be back on 14th Dec. The house where I stay is about 2km from the Camino to Muxia. That's another 15km. In the summer it's a good walk but here in Galicia there is a lot of rain through the winter. Not so long ago there were more than 70 consecutive day of rain.
The bus to Muxia, the nearest town of any size, is €1.40. The temptation to take it is very strong. I do a bit of shopping, have a meal when the restaurants are open, and get the bus back.
If the vaccine is available and places are open again I'll walk the Camino again in early September.
Sounds like a plan Sandy, hope that it can happen for you and that you stay well. Had retired by the time you posted, last night, with a good book. Thud. Terry Pratchett. :))
/////but here in Galicia there is a lot of rain through the winter. Not so long ago there were more than 70 consecutive day of rain./////

That is why the white Albarinios are the best white wines in Europe in my opinion.

I miss Spain.
Bet you do Sqad, best you do.

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Spain Has Introduced A Regulation Requiring Those...

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