Sore Throat And Temperature

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tiggerblue10 | 20:40 Fri 18th Sep 2020 | Body & Soul
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Little Tigs has had a sore throat all day and now has a temperature. I've given him some Calpol so hopefully this brings his temperature down.

He doesn't have a cough but I am quite concerned and also he's been at school all week. He was due to get a nasal flu vaccine at school on Monday.

I've tried getting a covid test online but these are still not available. Don't know what else to do. Hope its nothing more than a cold.


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Lots of colds and sniffles going round, just keep alert for a continuous cough and/or a loss of sense of smell.

Hopefully he'll bounce back quickly.
Even if it is COVID he’ll almost certainly be fine.
Have you tried getting a postal test?
Apparently children often don't get a cough with Covid
So hard to know, tiggs. My 4 year old granddaughter came back from school on thursday with a temperature and cough... I was supposed to be looking after her tomorrow.... but we have postponed it, as I'm worried about my clients. Usually, I just would have had her here anyway.
Hopefully they both just have colds, they pick up everything when they start school xx
Lots of sniffles going back in class Tiggs, I'm sure he'll be fine
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Is that different to online, Cloverjo?
The time of year brings colds and sniffles galore. This year will probably be worse because the kids have not mixed since March - ergo a bullet-load of virus waiting to infect. Symptoms don't seem particularly Covid-like.
Do asyou zeroing and keep him off school until you can get a test.
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Can be quite worrying when you can't tell the difference between though. And when you can't order a test.
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Will definitely him off school.
If you are very concerned then the guidelines are here.

You may have to repeatedly refresh pages as they are very busy.
Keep him off if you think he's mot well and displaying symptoms. It's very unlikely he will be become very ill even if it's covid. I'm not sure what use a covid test result is (positive or negative) in these circumstances, except that you may want to keep him away from you and others if it is covid
ff...quite, but if it is negative he can return to school.
Are any of his classmates sick? It could be normal back to school bugs. You could check with his teacher Monday if he has no fever if he should go to school or not
That is part of the problem,some schools are insisting on a negative test result if a pupil so much as sneezes.

No wonder there's a huge back log.
Sounds just like a usual back to school bug to me too.
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I've completed the online form about 5 times now. Will try again later and tomorrow if unsuccessful.
>ff...quite, but if it is negative he can return to school
Yes, it's an option, but maybe not a good one if he's still unwell and/or likely to pass on cold/flu to others.
If everyone who feels unwell wants a covid test we'd have to do maybe a million a day. Understandable but unachievable. Difficult times. I wonder if our expectations regarding testing are higher than in most comparable countries
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I hope it is Mamy.
ff..yes I agree, ut everyone just follows goverment guidelines, then we do have a chance of contains the outbreak without sacrificing the aged and the economy.

This thread is an example, eveyone, none of whom are medically qualified are offering a diagnosis.
Nonsense,just do what has been recommended by the government.

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Sore Throat And Temperature

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