Supervet (Fitzpatrick) V Nhs

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davebro | 18:32 Tue 28th Jul 2020 | Body & Soul
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If you had joint/spinal problems who would you like to see?


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I do have those problems and I can't afford him.
I wouldn't go near Fitzpatrick....silly question really
oh and its not versus the NHS. He is in private practice
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Seems to me his techniques are much more advanced than those available to NHS patients. Of course he his paid handsomely and it's not disastrous if his patient dies but I think he does have some ideas which could benefit human sufferers in future.

No contest, the NHS of course.
davebro as I said, you have to compare him with what is available privately, not what the NHS will allow.
Noel Fitzpatrick has a charity called the Humanimal Trust pushing for vets and surgeons to work more closely. His argument is that 100s of dogs were experimented on to perfect human transplants so why shouldn't they have them?;sourceid=chrome-m
A good article is " I've never seen a dividing line between animal and human medicine". I didn't realise the whole shebang would come up!!
roopower, I thought they did?
They do, if you mean animals having replacements, but it was an uphill struggle to get it accepted and still is in some quarters.
for me the dividing line is that the animal has no part in the decision making and no idea that the pain and restricted life will end and is (hopefully) going to improve the animal's life....also a shorter life span so any time spent in pain or in restriction is a bigger percentage of it. I have been through it with a dog I had who got cateracts. She was one of those few who had trouble coping with going blind and it was either bilateral operations or PTS. One eye was fine, in the other eye the stitches burst twice (nobody's fault). it was a nighmarish time
I have, and my trust is with the NHS.

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Supervet (Fitzpatrick) V Nhs

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