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newbie99 | 17:54 Fri 27th Mar 2020 | Body & Soul
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Despite the symptoms of the illness, the suspect is not being tested despite requested. The suspect has been very ill with nausea, vomit, body joint ache/pain, affected hearing, smell, taste, and affected the eye sights ( blurry and sensitive to light), short of breath, chest pain, abdominal pain.

The suspect has been in and out of hospital a few times in A&E, but could not find cause of the symptoms.
They don't believe it is Covid-19 so no test is offered.

The suspect has reported the illness for about 7 days.

What do you think?


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self isolate at home for 7 days, and nyone that live with them for 14 days
if they need to go A&E surely they are in a bad way?
They aren't royalty then.
ps those symptoms you describe are not the reported symptoms of covid19
Is this the same child you asked about recently?

Are they normally well or do they have underlying issues?
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Mamyalynn, yes it's the same child.
He is really sick. The local A&E Dr says he is imagining the illness.
They told me to ignore his pain.
Is he a normally well child?

An anxious child?
did each doctor say the same newbie?
I am right in thinking that if a child is discharged from cas - he has to be assessed by a senior doctor innit?

how many different doctors has he been seen by?

I dont think we can second guess them ( paed A+E terrifies most people)
well you can always bus him to another A+E
it obviously qualifies as a medical emergency
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He is a normally well and good health child.
I have already taken him to another A&E (100 miles away) by car to have second opinion as the local A&E says take him to another hospital for second opinion. The second A&E did not came up with the answers to why he has all the mentioned illness. But was written a discharged letter to GP for recommendations to get looked by the outpatient padiatric team. So will wait and see what happens. Tonight he complaint about his loss of an hearing again. He mentioned that at the A&E as the Dr talked to him he only heard broken words he said.
So I am loss to what to do with this child. He won't be taken as serious until the Corvid-19 is over.

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Mamyalynn, I did considered if his school work is under a lot of pressure. I also know he doesn't have friends that they talk or chat after school.
But assuming he has issues at school I don't expect his ENT is affected. Stomach cramp maybe when anxious...
i think that's the problem isnt it. My seven year old has to have an "urgent" scan - june! (to me at least, uegent means more urgent than 3 months.) buti think that people will still be getting ill with non corona things and largely being ignored because GPs arent having appts, or people are being dealt with by phone, which i dont think can be as good. I presume some urgent stuff is still going on - broken bones, breast lumps, suspected cancers, heart attacks and so on. not that that helps you at all i suppose and it ust be worrying for you.
I can tell you are worried and that's understandable, obviously if he worsens you must take him back - until then follow all sensible measures and try to keep him hydrated and occupied too.
Very hard when showing so many symptoms children are very bad at describing them accurately. Try to work out by watching which ones are the worst. Then chase your gp for a paediatric referral. It might be something as simple as anxiety but you need to know for sure. Extended blood tests might be worth a shot rather than the bog standard work up.

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